Zero Waste Pattern Cutting

Zero waste clothes are made using patterns that use all of the fabric, with nothing going to waste. It is an interesting way of looking at how you make your clothes and tackles the issue or waste in fast fashion industry. Some patterns are very simple made using basic shapes but others use a fantastic combination of tessellated shapes. There are some open source patterns available to try and this is an area of pattern cutting which I have spent 2 years exploring and I have some patterns of my own design to share.  This course runs for 9 sessions, with 1 week off for half term. Session 1 – an introduction to what zero waste pattern cutting is and why it can help the environment.  Make an infinity scarf.  100% organic cotton and jersey fabric is available to purchase at the Crafters and Makers studio or you can bring your own.  You will need 65cm of fabric for a jersey fabric or 75cm of fabric for a cotton/non-stretch fabric.  We will look at different types of fabrics that will be suitable for all of the other projects in this course and hand out a requirements list. Session 2 – Beginning to look at working with curves, you will take your exact measurements.  Using these measurements, you will use some equations in the pattern which will show you how to draw up your own fit skirt pattern leaving zero waste fabric.  You will begin to sew together your skirt during this session inserting a zip and using bias binding. Session 3 – There may be some finishing off to do with your skirt from the previous week.  Once this is finished, you will use a pattern designed by Jane Gordon to draw up and cut out your pinafore dress.  This is an adaptable pattern to suit your size.  Fabric is included for making this dress but you can also bring your own if you wish.  Fabric quantities will depend on the length of dress that you desire.  This will be decided in advance Session 4 – Complete making pinafore dress using buttonholes and buttons and adding pockets and any extras. Session 5 – Looking at open source patterns for Zero Waste clothes, Jane will give you a review of some patterns and signpost some useful and interesting projects hapenning in the world for inspiration and further research.  Jane will also share what the challenges are when using zero waste patterns and how she is overcoming some of them.  Using an open source pattern for loose fit trousers, you will draw up and cut out your pattern in your chosen fabric. Session 6 – Finish making your trousers Session 7 – Working with stretch fabrics for clothes.  Using another open source pattern, adapted by Jane for this class, you will use a pattern prepared in advance for your measurements for a pair of leggings.  The leggings will be made using an overlocker or stretch stitch on the sewing machine.  Option to use a coverstitch machine for hems. Session 7 and 8 – Again using a stretch fabric but in a heavier weight than the leggings, you will use a pattern designed by Jane Gordon to make a jumper.  This pattern will be drawn up using your own measurements so that it fits you.  There is an option to use 2 different colour fabrics and make a design choice for the neckline.  This pattern includes pockets.  The cutting and construction of this is the most complex of all the garments we are making and so we will spend 2 full sessions to complete.   This is an intense course where we will make 6 different garments which can be made using a zero waste method. Starting with the most simple and building up. This is a very different way of following patterns and means that this course will suit even a beginner with some experience using a sewing machine. The garments will become more complex as we go through the course and will make  an infinity scarf, skirt, Pinafore, A pair of loose fit trousers, leggings and a sweatshirt. You will  learn new sewing and pattern cutting techniques.