Youth Ministry Training

Ten sessions on key issues in youth culture – with theology, key information and a ‘ready-to-use’ session for your youth ministry. The familiar stuff As you’ll see in a moment, we’ve made some big changes. But we haven’t changed everything… YMT still happens because we want to see the lives of young people impacted by the Good News. We still believe in youth ministry and you incredible people who make it happen each week. We still want to learn together about young people and keep asking the hard questions about how to continue the work Jesus started.  Once filled with home-cooked food we’ll get stuck into a fun-packed evening. As before you’ll get a course folder with all the handouts, free books or resources, and hear from local and national voices. IN A NUTSHELL: Youth ministry is vital and we think you are amazing! You get: dinner, 10 talks on key issues, free books or resources, and loads of encouragement The new stuff YMT has a whole new feel. There is a new format and new topics too.  We’re going to spend the evening exploring just one topic. Our speaker for the evening will unpack 1 of 10 key issues facing young people today and what a theological response might look like. Not only that, our speaker will write a complete session on that topic for you to edit or deliver with your young people. You can take it home that evening.  Another new feature will be the option to; join the speaker Q&A, join a discussion group, or enjoy some space to reflect and plan.  The evening will finish together as a larger group where we will be led in worship or prayer. IN A NUTSHELL: 10 issues + theological responses. 10 ready-to-use sessions. Share your ideas and hear from others. Q & A, discussion group, or find space to reflect/plan.  Topic Teaser  There will be sessions on Environment, Anxiety, and Consumerism. Each will be paired with an aspect of theology. More information will hit your inbox in July! When is it and how much does it cost?There are 10 sessions spread across 11 months (September through to July, missing April!)-9th September 2019-14th October 2019-11th November 2019-9th December 2019-13th January 2020-10th February 2020-9th March 2020-11th May 2020-8th June 2020-13th July 2020 The whole course (10 sessions) costs £70, but you can book for individual sessions at £10 per session.