WritePitchPublish – The Innovative Writers Conference

Visit the WritePitchPublish Website Sponsored by Tandem Light Press and Academy of Creative Coaching Authors and aspiring authors… this experience is for you! In this day and age, being an author is no longer just about writing. It is also about making connections, wearing many hats, and running a business – the business of your book. Whether you are looking to traditionally publish or self-publish; if your book is fully written or is just a pie-in-the-sky idea, this opportunity may be ideal for you. WritePitchPublish is a hands-on, dynamic experience designed to propel authors and aspiring authors forward in the mission to finish their work with quality and to acquire a solid understanding of how the modern day publishing industry works. With one-on-one critique sessions and the opportunity to participate in small-group masterminds, WritePitchPublish is especially ideal for ambitious writers who desire to connect with industry professionals, such as literary agents, editors, and publishers in small group settings. This event is open to authors and aspiring authors who wish to learn from professionals, engage in the sharing of ideas, collaborate with others, and improve the approach and completion of writing projects. THE DESIGN Three Labs:1. The Publishing Lab2. The Marketing Lab3. The Strategy Lab THE AGENDA Chapter One: The Publishing Lab 8:30am – 9:00am       Registration & Light Breakfast9:00am – 9:55am       Fireside Chat: Understanding Literary Agency 9:55am – 10:05am     10-Minute Break 10:05am – 11:00am   Publishing 101 11:05am – 12:00pm   Overcoming Blocks & Fears Chapter Two: The Marketing Lab 12:00pm –1:00pm     Lunch Break1:00pm – 1:55pm      Marketing & Social Media2:00pm – 2:55pm      The Business Savvy Author3:00pm – 3:15pm      15-Minute Break Chapter Three: The Strategy Lab 3:15pm – 5:15pm      Mastermind Session (Personal Strategizing for Your Project)5:15pm – 6:00pm      Wrap-Up and Reception THE OBJECTIVES The Publishing Lab Objectives: 1. The publishing industry and how it works2. Publishing options for the modern-day author3. The publishing process, from writing to book release4. Developing a solid editing plan5. Building confidence and finishing the project The Marketing Lab Objectives: 1. Creating a strong social media presence2. Building an email list3. Creating effective events4. Three key author skills: time management, quality management, and building a team5. The business side of authorship The Strategy Lab Objectives: 1. Developing a strategic writing plan2. Developing a strategic publishing plan3. Developing a strategic marketing plan