WORLD SPACE PARTY DETROIT at the Michigan Science Center

Join the global celebration of humanity’s Past/Present/Future in space with this immersive, educational, cinematic party experience!

The Michigan Science Center will once again host Detroit’s official entry into this worldwide event – also known as «Yuri’s Night» in commemoration of the first spaceflight by Yuri Gagarin on April 12th, 1961.

2015 VIDEO:

All Ages $15/adult, $10/child (12 & under) Dress for the future! ROCKET LAUNCH EXPERIENCE Witness the 1:10 scale Space Shuttle Endeavour model rumble to life via projection-mapped animation by New D Media Arts. ‘ASTRONOMY NIGHT’ STARGAZING Telescopes by the Ford Astronomy Club! PLANETARIUM Presentation by Betsy Pugel, NASA Engineer Guided Cosmic Journeys by astronomer Paulette Achtung Aerial Performances by Irina Laura! Live Painting by Timothy Orikri!

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Experimental DJ performances by Audra Kubat and Jo Fuss! Emily Infinity will present an immersive, audiovisual planetary journey through the sounds of our solar system! Themed Cocktails! Interactive Science Exhibits! 2D/3D Space Cinema More Coming Soon! The event marks the 55th anniversary since we first escaped the cradle, so come party for a reason – and represent Detroit to the rest of the globe! Note: This event is replacing our usual After Dark event for April. | Kontakt | Privacy | Terms