Wookey Hole Caves and Mill Ghost Hunt ( Somerset)- £49 P/P

**** WOOKEY HOLE CAVES AND MILL, SOMERSET **** ** SATURDAY 1st JUNE 2019 – 8PM-2AM ******* In its 50,000 year history, Wookey Hole Caves has seen it share of inhabitants such as the Neanderthal man and Romans .Archaeologists finds indicate man has lived in and around the caves for 50,000 years ** THE WITCH OF WOOKEY *** Deep in the dark caverns of Wookey Hole dwelt at one time the Witch of Wookey – and dwells there still, if the gossips are to be trusted, though she, her pots and pans and horrid «familiars,» are all turned to stone. A chagrined and disappointed woman, she used her merciless arts to blight girls’ lives and keep them from the joys denied to herself. But she reckoned without a certain Holy Clerk of Glastonbury! With his Good Book he exorcised the Witch, and turned her to stone; he then cleansed from all evil the dreadful cavern. The caves are also said to be haunted. The ghost of a potholer who drowned is said to roam the chambers. The spirit of a child who died on the site has also been seen. Of course, the witch herself is believed to demonstrate her powers on occasion. We have access to the 3 floored Mill next to the caves which some will say is more haunted than the caves!