Women's Circle: Connect With Your Cycle

What if your period wasn’t an annoyance but a superpower? Women are rarely taught to love and appreciate our cycles. But there is a powerful way to flow with the natural rhythms of your body. Your hormones can work for and not against you. In our women’s circle we’ll explore how we can sync our lifestyle with our cycle to boost creativity and productivity. The women’s circle offers a safe, open-hearted and loving space for women to nurture each other and build connection and trust. If you want to feel the power of sisterhood and tap into your divine feminine power, this is the event for you. The event is hosted by women’s empowerment coach Jessi Christian. Menstrual educator and women’s coach Carmen Lorenzana from Love Your Cycle will lead through a workshop to discover our cycle in deep and learn about getting into flow with it. Find out more about her work here: Arrival + Event space: The event will be taking place at Joga- ja Tantrakoulu Natha in Vallila. You can arrive between 15.00 and 15.15. Please make sure to be on time because we want to keep the space and atmosphere calm for all participants.  Make sure to get your ticket as soon as possible since we have limited availability given the size of the space. Anyone who identifies as a woman is invited to join. Poista tai päivitä tapahtuma