Wild Edibles Foraging – Houston pt1

Part 1 of a two-part course focusing on wild edibles of this region. Instructor: Dr. Mark «Merriwether» Vorderbrugen (Get his book prior to the class HERE) **LIMITED TO 20 SPACES** You will have tier 1 instruction from one of America’s top foraging experts on no less than 24 varieties of plants. You will learn: *Their common names *Scientific nomencalure *Historic medicinal uses *Historic food uses *Key features used to identify *Possible mimics *Any nutritional value of said plant (excellent knowledge for backpackers/hikers). ***You will also learn possible ways to prepare and use said plants in recipes at home or restaurant, and what type of environment each plant needs in order to grow and thrive. This course is PERFECT for homesteaders, backpackers/hikers, weekend campers, vegans/vegetariians, hollistic medicine enthusiasts, preppers, survivalists, and even CHEFS! Completion of this course in addition to the Pt2 class qualifies you to test for our «SPEAR Survival Wild Edibles Region 1 apprentice» certification. **Disclaimers** No children under 10 yrs. WE HIKE. Part of this course, requires HIKING into the woods. There are no sideswalks in the woods, on or off trails. Use your common sense when signing up. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOOKING EARLY, AS SPACE IS LIMITED TO NO MORE THAN 20. This is done to maintain foraging ethics, and to protect the area we hold the class in. It simultaneously provides you the student, with MUCH better 1 on 1 time with our instructor, and keeps the focus and sound levels better in check to provide you a better experience. If you have allergies, we expect you to bring your own medications as required, and to take all necessary precations in protection from exposure to possible allergens/insects. **Cancellation Policy** NO refunds less than 2 weeks out. HALF refund 2-4 weeks out. FULL refund more than 4 weeks out. No exceptions1 Fievent.com | Contact | Privacy | Terms