Whiskey Stories: Highland Park Scotch & The Viking Musical

Whiskey Stories LLC brings you several high end whiskey experiences. Here is one of many. Please join us for an amazingly entertiaining evening of Whiskey Stories: Highland Park Scotch & A Viking Musical. All at our venue of  whiskey world of whimsy. What does your experience entail? A Viking whisky with a viking musical!!! 1. 4 high end Highland Park Single Malt Scotch flights that you’ll get to taste, nose, mouth to amplify your senses and your knowledge. These are premium limited editions include a brand new Highland Park newly launch in the US this month – called Highland Park Twisted Tattoo!  2. Accompanied by whiskey specialist and designer, Rachna Hukmani who is also the owner/founder of Whiskey Stories. Her unique presentation of each whiskey will leave you feeling enticed, amused and informed. 3. Gourmet chef prepared food pairings to complement the flavors of each whisky.  4. 4 extremely talented performers and comedic music improvisers who will bring the story behind each Highland Park Scotch to life via a song they create on the spot! Highland Park comes from Orkey which was a land of Vikings! So it is fitting that we have a Viking inspired musical based on its history! You don’t want to miss this!  5. Whiskey based Whiskey Stories signature unisex cologne pairings recently featured on Bloomberg News! 6. To add to the fun amusing stories behind each whiskey and pairing. 7. A teaser into our Whiskey In the Dark experience 8. Other twists and turns but you’ll have to come to find out more.