Valuations & Value Drivers – A Deep Dive

THE GROWTH & EXIT FRAMEWORK Get clarity on how to increase the value of your business by beginning with the end in mind, knowing what you ultimately want from your business and building a plan that gives you freedom and choices. The Growth & Exit Framework and 5 Principles is for business owners who are looking to increase their business’ value so they can engineer a business and life with intention and have the freedom to control and choose the options that are right for them and their legacy. By creating sustainable, predicable and transferable cash flow, it gives owners more choices on how to grow, acquire or exit on their terms. What You’ll Learn The 3 financial targets you need to identify, monitor and measure How companies are valued How to ‘normalize’ your EBITDA to identify the most important number in a valuation The different things buyers try to find in order to negotiate and reduce the purchase price The exact part of the valuation formula you can control to use in your advantage and increase the value of your company The most important things to focus on to increase your multiple  Why highly sustainable, predictable and transferable cash flow makes a valuable company Agenda: Networking – 3:00 – 3:30pmPresentation – Valuation and Value Growth – 3:30 – 4:30pmHappy Hour – Beers / Wine / Cocktails and Apps – 4:30 – 5:30pm What is Arkona All About? Our goal is to help level the mergers and acquisitions playing field for business owners and seller’s who want to grow their company with the end in mind through our educational boot camps and consulting services using  The Growth & Exit Framework and 5 Principles Questions We Help Our Clients Answer: What should I do with what I’ve built? What are the different ways companies are valued? What strategies can I implement to increase the value of my business? What are the differences between Internal / Family Transitions, PE Firms, ESOPs and Strategic Buyers? How do I maximize my net proceeds and prepare my company for the ideal exit? What can I do to be ready for an ‘out of the blue offer’? What outside advisors do I need and how do I hire them and get them to collaborate? Presenters Pat Hobby Arkona Co-Founder – SEE PAT’S FULL BIO HERE Ryan Tansom Arkona Co-Founder SEE RYAN’S FULL BIO HERE Sponsors Dan Grimsrud Best & Flanagan Attorney Ryan Turbes Boulay Group Partner