Turkish Language Classes 2018-2019

Turkish Cultural Center offers a wide range of classes along with Turkish language training programs. All are easily accessible and professionally introduced.   Our well-designed curriculum is composed of 4 levels, each of which lasts for 10 weeks / 30 Chrs ( Classroom Hour is 50 min) 2019 Spring Session  March 25th – May 27th 2019 Summer Session June 3rd – August 5th 2019 Fall Session  September 9th – Nov 11th 2020 Winter Session January 7th – March 15th Dates and Levels 3 hours a week for 10 weeks ( Classroom Hour is 50 min) A 1 Beginner Classes are every Monday at 6:00 PM A 2 Pre-Intermediate Classes  are every Tuesday at 6:00 PM B 1 Intermediate Classes are every Thursday at 6:00 PM B2 Upper Intermediate Classes are every Wednesday at 6:00 PM C Advanced Classes are every Friday at 6:00 PM Our Turkish Classes Offer: Interactive learning Up-to-date books that are designed for ***** learners Cultural information Unlimited communication with your instructor  Conversation partners with native Turkish speakers Plenty of tea and snacks Turkish Cultural Center also provides opportunities for our students to participate in community events organized in our central office.  These Events are:  Family visits  Picnic programs  Cafe classes Conversation partners  Abroad Trips Cooking classes Ebru classes Turkish music programs For more information: Email: turkce@tccma.org