Tuesday French Movie Night: Les choristes

Tuesday Movie Night !!! Every Tuesday we organize a screening of a Francophone movie with English subtitles. “Les choristes” by Christian Barratier (2004) With: Gerard Jugnot, Francois Berleand, Jacques Perrin Genre: Drama Pierre (Jean-Baptiste Maunier) is an aimless child at an austere boarding school in France. The students and faculty are constantly at odds with one another, until a music teacher, Clément Mathieu (Gérard Jugnot), arrives and starts a choir. Clément — who has troubles of his own — tries to change the reactionary policies of the school, choosing instead to encourage his students. His efforts have a particular impact on Pierre, who shows great musical promise. Trailer: FR En 1948, Clément Mathieu, professeur de musique sans emploi accepte un poste de surveillant dans un internat de rééducation pour mineurs ; le système répressif appliqué par le directeur, Rachin, bouleverse Mathieu. En initiant ces enfants difficiles à la musique et au chant choral, Mathieu parviendra à transformer leur quotidien. The theater doors open 15 minutes before the movie starts. You are welcome to wait in the library if you arrive before then. The movie is free but we appreciate a donation of $5 to support our movie nights. See you there!