Trauma Informed Care BRISBANE

Join Penny Gordon for this full-day training workshop on trauma-informed care. Housing and homelessness services are increasingly adopting trauma-informed care responses that understand the impact of trauma on a person as opposed to viewing the individual as problematic. Community housing providers in particular are using trauma-informed care to sustain tenancies for people with complex needs. Penny Gordon has a 36 year career as a psychologist during which time she has worked extensively across clinical and organisational fields of psychology. Penny is a highly regarded trainer and facilitator and as well as regularly presenting professional development programs has also taught across a range of graduate and post graduate university courses. Penny provides coaching and mentoring support services to a broad range of professional groups, in particular supporting those in leadership positions. In terms of the provision of therapeutic services, Penny has specialised in supporting adults who have experienced significant trauma as either an ***** or a child. This area of work also includes working with a broad range of professionals, including legal and justice services, Qld courts, statutory child protection, mental health, oncology and palliative care health services, domestic and family violence services, homelessness and housing services, family support and intervention services and other first responder groups who are vulnerable to secondary traumatic stress due to their continuous exposure to other people’s trauma. Additionally, Penny has championed these organisations to be trauma informed in the delivery and design of their services. For the past 20 years Penny has worked in her own consulting business supporting organisations, teams and individuals to work effectively as possible in their fields of endeavour. Parking For a day rate of $15 you can park at The Park Hotel Brisbane next door.  Although there is no parking available at Q Shelter, there are metred parking spaces on Boundary Street and Wickham Terrace (time limits apply.) Q Shelter Membership:Discover the benefits of Q Shelter Membership here Find out MoreFor any further information, please contact events@ or phone (07) 3831 5900