Thinking Environment® Foundation Course 9th, 10th July 2020

Dated course and also available On Demand! This Foundation Course is delivered by Shirley Wardell, who qualified as a time to Think Consultant in 1997. The course teaches the behaviours and conditions that develop superb, original and independent thinking in groups. Thinking underpins all of our decisions, words and actions and is central to a productive and fulfilling life, career and organisation. Previous participants have said that this course is profound and practical in equal measure. You will experience: 4 Building Block Applications •   Thinking Pairs TM•   Dialogue•   Rounds•   Open Discussion 4 Full Applications •   Transforming Meetings (R)•   The Time to Think Council TM•   Presentations in a Thinking Environment•   Building Incisive Questions (an incisive question removes a limiting assumption, in relation to a goal, and replaces it with a liberating assumption). For more information, visit