Thiền Rập Rình Arts & Awareness

«Thiền Rập Rình» is a free, full day event including two sections: Arts & Awareness and Live Music. Book your free ticket today: Arts & Awareness (9:00-18:00): A multimedia, interactive art exhibition with creative workshop exploring abuse, sharing and healing. With guest speaker Ms. Sandy-Ngọc Nguyễn. Featuring Artists: Crazy Monkey The Movement Kitchen Emily Navarra Trang Linh Valerie Phạm Lê Tuấn Ry Xuân Hạ Salome Lo Featuring Organisations: Twinkly Studio White Heather VN Sandy’s House House of Absolute Supported by The Box Collective — Live Music (18:00 – late): For more information: Lineup: Twinkly Tus Emcee K Dat Maniac New Fame Skulz Duca Dan Boogie Nguyễn Nhân Đỗ Mike Pham V-Dennis R.A.R Larria Official Hashtag : #ThiềnRậpRình #DropYourShit #TwinklyTusDebut #21stParty Hủy bỏ hoặc cập nhật sự kiện | Tiếp xúc | Privacy | Terms