«The Unmasking» HER Private Parts Healing Brunch

The Woman Of Worth Movement presents,»The Unmasking» HER Private Parts Healing Brunch February 22, 2020 from 11A | 2P! This healing brunch brings awareness to something most of us women knows all to well, HIDING BEHIND THE MASK! Join us and about 30 other women as we cultivate a sacred space for removing the mask. Why carry something God has commanded you to place at His feet? Is shame that has you hiding behind your mask? Or maybe it’s guilt? Whatever it is, you’re not alone!  Come experience the testimonies of these bold, brave and beautiful diamonds. They will share how they overcame the obstacles in their lives and how it could have ONLY been by Gods grace that their even here to share their story. We’re removing the mask that we as women carry everyday trying to hide our disappointments, hurt, shame, guilt and pain. No more! It’s time to DROP YOUR MASK! We’re going to share on, The Woman Behind The Mask, What Mask Covers You Best, Who Told You That Wearing A Mask Protects You and so much more. When you take another look in the mirrior, you will see a different reflection looking back at you. You WILL NOT leave this brunch the same way you came in! Will you join us? And snag-a-sister to come along with you! Healing in numbers!