The Ultimate Leader (Phase 3)

The Ultimate Leader (Phase 3) The Ultimate Leader is not just about teaching you how to lead, but about embodying what it means to be a true leader. Whether you’re looking to lead in your workplace, your business, or at home with the kids, imagine if being able to lead in any situation just came to you naturally. As the 3rd Phase of your emotion journey with Breakthrough Academy, The Ultimate Leader is an intensive 7 day immersion experience. This event is for our advanced graduates of the Emotion Mastery (Phase 1) and Breakthrough (Phase 2) courses, and is by application only. We will cover: Advanced Communication Strategies Leading and Adapting Communication to Different Personalities Understanding Group Dynamics Leading Yourself in any Environment The Steps to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking How to Lead a Team and Give Feedback Effectively Strategies for Unshakable Confidence Using our unique methods to layer information and increase your unconscious learning, you will go home as an advanced leader, who leads from the heart with intrinsic knowledge that comes almost naturally. You will be skilled in group dynamics and communication, presentation skills, self leadership and advanced problem solving techniques. What Can I Expect To Learn? Advanced Group Dynamics & Behavioural Change Techniques Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Embody the Leader with State, Energy and Motivation Management Gain Clarity of Vision, Purpose and Direction Learn To Be More Assertive Parenting as Leadership Expand Your Influence and Enhance your Negotiation Skills Building Strong Bonds in the Workplace Feel More Comfortable in Groups and Command The Room Increase Your Management and Leadership Flexibility Participate in Attitude and Mindset Intensive Training Drills How To Be Your Own Life Coach Breakthrough Academy was built with passion, and created to make a difference in the world.  Our Ultimate Leader Program is designed to especially for that purpose, developing amazing people like you, to be leaders in your everyday life. We have an unbeatable success rate, thousands of happy, successful clients around the world, and a team of professionals who genuinely care. Why not join us as at Ultimate Leader. Further Information This is a full 7 day experience where we show you our most advanced strategies for Leadership Mastery. As our most prestigious course, you will need to have completed Phases 1 and 2 with Emotion Academy and Breakthrough Academy, and at this time, the course is by invitation only. Do you want to know how to command the attention of any group, whether it’s at your kids school, on stage in front of an audience, at work or in social situations just for fun? Do you want to be able to negotiate, inspire and motivate yourself and others? Are you wanting to step into more of a leadership role at work? Do you want to help people and make a difference? Want to know how to get your kids to listen to you, without using any negative reinforcement? Why Should I Apply? Leadership is a popular topic but there is no course like this one. We use special techniques to layer behaviours and knowledge unconsciously so that by the end of the event, you will have transformed your entire mindset. You will be personally guided through a series of specific exercises in intimate groups, with an even more tailored approach to your personal style of learning and leading. As you know, at Breakthrough Academy, we put you first, so all of our programs include practical tools that you can apply in your life on a daily basis. This course will add an extra layer, and you will emerge as an Ultimate Leader.