The Ultimate Hamilton Experience

Description We’re presenting you with tickets to Broadway’s newest number 1 show, Hamilton. This revolutionary show mixes music genres to create a soundtrack and production that will leave you hooting and hollering in your seats. Reviewers have gone so far as to encourage people “to mortgage their houses and lease their children to acquire tickets…” Ben Brantley of the NY Times. A show about young rebels grabbing and shaping the future of an unformed country, “Hamilton” is making its own resonant history by changing the language of musicals. And it does so by insisting that the forms of song most frequently heard on pop radio stations in recent years — rap, hip-hop, R&B ballads — have both the narrative force and the emotional interiority to propel a hefty musical about long-dead white men whose solemn faces glower from the green bills in our wallets. This brilliant production was written by it’s lead actor Lin-Manuel Miranda and inspired by the book “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow. This show will not only educate you on the history of America and its Founding Fathers, but have you longing to be able to free-style as well as these players. These tickets are so difficult to come by; you’ll be among the few to behold this mesmerizing show. Along with the tickets to the show you’ll be treated to a three-course dinner at a popular restaurant in the theatre district. Two featured cast members from Hamilton will join you during your meal and share with you some fun backstage anecdotes, personal success stories and conversation. You’ll have the pleasure of having photos with these cast members and will receive their autographs as well. Following the show, a starring cast member will meet you for an exclusive in-theatre meet and greet to uncover all the magic that goes on behind the red curtain!  This is the ultimate Hamilton experience! ​ Experience Includes: – (2) mezzanine tickets to see “Hamilton” on Broadway, subject to availability. – Pre-show, three-course dinner with two featured cast members. – In theatre meet and greet with a starring cast member after the show. – Concierge service to assist you in planning this exciting experience