The Truths of Stress Mastery

The “Cleveland Clinic” states that stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental and emotional responses. Stress is a normal part of life. What if stress is not a normal part of life? What if you could live life and not be in stress?  What if I told you after 35 years of research, that Stress is an Illusion?  What is the truth?  Stress Mastery is when we live our lives without stories of the past or worries of the future. Stress Mastery is a state of peace.   What are the truths of Stress Mastery?  First, to be a truth it must be a truth for every single person on the planet. If the truth does nit apply to one person, it is not a truth. Truth #1: We have a physiological stress response. This response is never shut down; it can only be managed. The only way to manage the stress response is with diet.   Truth #2: We each have a mind that drives our behaviors. This mind is our life’s operating system driving 95% of our actions. It is this mind that triggers every stressor in our lives. This mind was programmed the first 7 years of our life.    Truth #3: When we become stressed out, it’s not us who is reacting. We become robot-like and our behavior matches the program activated.   Truth #4: We have more stress in one day, than our ancestors had in a lifetime. Stress is never caused by what happens to you.   Truth #5: Stress can be completely mastered. Yes, you can live a life without stress. No one was born with fear, resentment, guilt or stress.  Stress Mastery has 3 simple processes and 7-steps:  Care for the body  Master the mind Nurture the soul The truths of Stress Mastery Retreat will be a 3 days and 4 nights that will take you through the Steps and processes to master stress. A life without stress naturally brings optimal health, peace of mind and nurturing of the soul.  Thursday night: Meet and Greet.  Friday:Care for the body.   Tailored lifestyle program designed from your physiology.  Saturday:Master the mind.   You will be re-booting old habits.   You will discover your unique purpose.   You will learn higher goal setting that takes the stress out of everyday life.   You will make the connection of Head-Heart-Hand.   A special guest speaker presentation. Sunday: Nurturing the soul.   You will learn about the teachings of the Fillmore’s and Unity.   You will learn techniques to connect you to your higher-self.   You will learn EFT, meditation techniques and the ATE technique of visualization   A special guest speaker presentation.