The Pendle Witches Interactive Ghost Hunts 2020 Events  Saturday 18th January  FRIDAY THE  13th March Saturday 11th April  Saturday 2nd May Saturday 20th June Saturday 22nd August  Pendle Witches Anniversary Event FRIDAY THE 13TH November  Deposit option available for all events for £39 or more. To reserve your place with a £15 per person deposit please call 07387 226700 or Email:team@ The Pendle witches story is based in a handful of little villages in Lancashire close to Pendle Hill. In Barley in Pendle stands the Barley Mow Inn witch has a haunted history dating back to the 1600’s.  Originally built as a farmhouse set in the shadow of Pendle Hill the village of Barley in which our ghost hunt will be centred has its own history connected to the Pendle Witches and the Lancashire witch trials.  Your evening will begin with a demonstration of Psychic Mediumship in one of Barleys Most Haunted building’s which is EXCLUSIVE to Haunting Nights.  From here we will drive a short distance in convoy deep into the epicentre of the Pendle Witch story where we will be attempting to uncover the hauntings of these paranormal hotspots.  Following this we will then return to our haunted base where we will continue our investigations until the early hours of the morning.  Your event includes working with the Haunting Nights Psychic Medium and Paranormal investigators.  During your night you will be taking part in various methods of Ghost Hunting to include Ouija boards, table tipping, glass divination, Psychic seances and along with modern day ghost hunting techniques.  Tea/coffee and squash along with crisps and biscuits will be available.  The Haunting Nights team are really looking forward to taking you closer to the witches than ever before!!!  Event  8pm-2am tickets are £45pp Note: Part of this event includes a short walk on a slight gradient.