the Mr. Science Show

Mr. Science   1992 – Present (22 years) the Mr. Science Laboratory Tim «Mr. Science» Perkins brings fast paced educational fun to children, teachers, families and more with his «edutainment» curriculum. There is more to a Mr. Science Show than cool science demonstrations. You can expect amazing hands-on science experiments, «make-it-and-take-it» projects, hilarious stories and incredible stunts at a typical Mr. Science Show. Mr. Science’s collection of science toys, laboratory equipment, famous inventions and strange machines are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Each story/experiment combination is designed to educate and demonstrate in a way that ties together science principles, science history, current events and common sense. Some attend to prepare for grade level tests or merit badges while other shows are scheduled to reward hard working students with some wacky slapstick fun. Teachers, special event organizers and school administrators regularly schedule Mister Science shows for entertainment in classrooms, birthday party fun, or even extracurricular after school meetings like scouts or Odyssey of the Mind (yes, Tim was an O.M. coach too!). Home school groups also enjoy visiting the local churches, civic centers, libraries, and malls that host Mr. Science Shows. Mr. Science has worked onstage, behind the scenes and in the classrooms with gifted students, special education students and college students. Mr. Science even performs teacher’s seminars for kindergarden and pre-k science workshops. Over the last decade Mr. Science has designed and delivered multiple customized science programs to enhance, define or promote ideas and technologies in a way that everyone enjoys. The Mr. Science Show is based in Brevard County, Florida; America’s SpaceCoast! Wether your interested in Rocketry & Space exploration, Bugs, Dinosaurs & Fossils, Magnets & Forces, Safety programs, educational benchmarks like the Sunshine State Standards or just good ol’ fashioned kitchen chemistry, EVERYONE has fun at the Mr. Science Show! | Contact | Privacy | Terms