The Golden Nut Tournament

We, Aemona Argonauts quidditch team are very pleased to announce our very own and first quidditch tournament ever, here in Slovenia! So without further ado, here are the details so far! – The tournament will be taking place from 23rd to 24th of September in the heart of our capital city, Ljubljana, just 5 min of walk from the city centre. – All together there will be 8 teams participating(one of them will be us, Aemona Argonauts) and fighting for the golden nut, the highest award possible on this tournament. So be swift, the time to apply is now! – The tournament will be played by the rules of IQA 2016 – 2018 rulebook. – We are also looking for certified referees! Please contact us if you are willing to help and we’ll sort out the details together. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we’re always available at or our email: . Be crazy, be nuts, join us! With much quove, Aemona Argonauts! Odstraniti ali posodobiti dogodek | Kontakt | Privacy | Terms