The Amish Project

THE AMISH PROJECT By Jessica Dickey Directed by Melanie Keller Performed by Lydia Berger Gray Conceived in the wake of the 2006 school shootings in the Amish community of Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, Jessica Dickey’s fictional exploration of a real-life tragedy allows us to glimpse into the world of Amish culture and to come to grips with the true limits of compassion and forgiveness. Praised by The New York Times as “extraordinary,” The Amish Project is a devastating and beautiful one-woman performance that compels us to question the paths we take at the crossroads of grief, rage, and clemency. Originally created as part of First Folio Theatre‘s Dark Night project in April, 2016, This production is made possible through the generosity of Producer Tim Klein, and is a brought to you as a co-benefit with Pleasant Home. Oak Park Festival Theatre and Pleasant Home are both proud non-profits serving the Oak Park River Forest area. AN OAK PARK FESTIVAL THEATRE AND PLEASANT HOME CO-BENEFIT PRODUCTION | Contact | Privacy | Terms