The 2nd EADMT Conference «Crisis, Creativity and Society…

European Association Dance Movement Therapy Conference 2016 September 9th -11th 2016 in collaboration with APID Title: «Crisis, Creativity and Society: Dance Movement Therapy embodying interdisciplinary pathways» Sub-themes: • DMT and neuro-science, biology & psychology research • DMT and psychotherapy including body psychotherapy • Embodiment and creative practice : allied fields in dialogue in clinical and social applications • Bringing the body into education: health & social care, science, school • Identifying the power of creativity across arts, culture, community & health sectors • Crisis, creativity and bodymind: the new challenges EADMT is engaged in a process of reaching out and incorporating multidisciplinary practice that uses the expressive, creative body to support health and wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities across society. In the light of the current critical social and political climate, EADMT aims to strengthen the knowledge and skills of practitioners and researchers who highlight the value of the bodymind and creativity. In fact, economical crisis in Europe has produced new ways to communicate, collaborate and share ideas looking for processes oriented to maintain the wellbeing of people. In this context, work through the bodymind bring the focus on the individual necessities and the ways in which people could incorporate these new challenges. This conference aims to integrate and collaborate with colleagues whose focus is on research and/or development of the notion of embodiment in practice. Our vision is to provide a learning experience that embraces the mind and the body as a key aspects of the conference. We envision two days of high quality keynotes and panel presentations that bring scientists and creative practitioners employing embodiment together. Each day will offer a keynote speaker, parallel panel presentations, facilitated reflective spaces and posters that display innovative practice across Europe. There is a further desire to offer pre and post-conference events, extending the conference experience up to three days, that will include educational workshops and laboratories introducing and developing ideas embedded in the main conference. Following the Conference the Scientific and Organisation Committees will identify several presentations for publication in an edited volume to record the 2016 Conference – Crisis in Society.

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