Temple of Ascension Vol. 1

The first volume of Edmonton’s new Black/Death metal fest will bring an onslaught of the most devastating and punishing bands from all over the underground up to Alberta for a three-day ritual of transcendent violence. The revealed line-up so far: Blasphemy Profanatica DIOCLETIAN – Exclusive North American appearance for 2018! Black Witchery Goatpenis – official Antichrist – Ross Bay Deiphago Rites of Thy Degringolade PRIMITIVE MAN Imprecation Hellfire Deathcult Nuclearhammer (Official) FIN Amphisbaena Dumal Nekro Drunkz Funeral of God Goathammer Sorguinazia TSALAL Some more VERY SPECIAL GUESTS to be announced very soon… do not miss out as this will be a very rare appearance for North America.. Link now up for Three-day passes for Temple of Ascension vol. 1! $100 for three-day passes.