SYMPLED2019 Symposium on Leading Education Recruitment

The Symposium for Education Agents SYMPLED2019 is taking place in Melbourne with its vibrant international education and education agent community. Transparency and Accountability – the theme for 2019 comes from the government and industry that education agent performance and actions must be more transparent. The international students that we work with have expressed high satisfaction with agent work on their behalf (International Student Barometer 2018).  topics for discussion include  – What the data tells us about issues for education agents – Planning to launch the publication of education agent data, and a new education agent unique identifier number – Changes to onshore visas. – The voice of international student – peer review of education agents – Disruption to the education agents business model and the cost of student acquisition. – Regional options for international students – How student can effectively complain when things do not go right. – The panel of agents and providers: ethical recruitment – is the current model broken? – Student employability  Let’s Talk! Get together with agents, government, providers, and industry at SYMPLED2019  Sponsors Platinum Sponsor – StudyMelbourne Gold Sponsors – Pearson PTE, Pier Online, Allianz, ICEF, ETS TOEFL Silver Sponsors – Flywire, ISEAA, StudyLink, Education Link,