Stanley Marketplace Green Building Tour

Join the USGBC Denver Metro Education Committee for a green building tour of Stanley Marketplace, a community of independently owned local businesses. Stanley Marketplace received a 2018 USGBC Mountain Region Leadership Award for their adaptive reuse of the former Stanley Aviation headquarters. Learn about the green building principles that were utilized during design and construction to build a project combining sustainability, creativity, collaboration, and community-oriented space. Leading the tour will be Bryant Palmer, the Chief Storyteller of Stanley Marketplace. He will explain the «Stanifesto» and vision behind the Stanley Marketplace. He will be joined by Marcel van Garderen, Vice President of WORKSHOP8, who served as the project and production manager on the Stanley project. Craig Karn of Consilium Design will also be present to discuss adaptive reuse, water quality strategies, urban heat island reduction, and overal sustainable landscape design practices.  The tour will conclude at Zero Market, a store within Stanley Marketplace that helps consumers go package-free and zero-waste. Zero Market will be giving away a raffle prize to a lucky attendee! Happy Hour location after the event is TBD, stay tuned for updates!  Learning Objectives:  1. Discover how the building core and shell of the former Stanley Aviation headquarters was reused to reduce material waste and construction costs while preserving the history and character of the original facility. 2. Learn how the design team reduced the heat island effect by minimizing impervious surfaces and preserving/restoring native landscape. 3. Learn about the storm water management techniques that were used to reduce water quality impacts and support on site xeriscaping. 4. See how the design team and developer strategically maximized the site location by accommodating multimodal transportation to increase circulation and encourage community gathering.