St Brendan's Orthodox Celtic Festival

Celebrate Celtic Orthodoxy, Celtic Heritage, and the Celtic roots of East Tennessee! The Celtic heritage of East Tennessee and Appalachia runs deep, sharing so much in common — from food, to language, music, dance, and the sense of the sacred. The peoples of the British Isles were Orthodox Christians for over a thousand years, producing many of the world’s most-loved saints, and a spiritual heritage second to none. The St Brendan’s Orthodox Celtic Festival at St Anne Orthodox Church is a celebration of Celtic and Appalachian culture and folkways, of our common spiritual heritage of Orthodox Christianity, and of great music, food, and dance. • Food Irish fare from St Andrews Square Big O’s BBQ Ice cream from Razzleberries • Music and Dance Traditional and Contemporary Irish music from Red Haired Mary and Shamrock Road Performances by the Rowena Ryan Irish Dance Academy • Arts/Crafts/Vendors Handmade Celtic jewelry and crafts Chainmail designs Orthodox icons and books • Kids Activities Children’s crafts

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