Sri Krishna Janmastami Celebration @ ASMY

We invite you to join us in observing the globally celebrated Sri Krishna Janmastami Celebration. Immerse yourself in an evening of sacred chanting meditation to warm the heart and soothe the soul.  Hear spiritually enlightening yoga wisdom to uplift and inspire and share in this movement of peace and happiness!This wonderful festive day is enthusiastically celebrated throughout India and around the world by millions of people from all cultures and backgrounds. There will be chanting, dancing and a delicious feast as well as a beautiful vedic ceremony. Janmastami is the appearance day celebrations of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, the revered speaker of the Bhagavad Gita, the universally renowned jewel of yoga wisdom.If you love to dance, sing, and connect with like-minded people, you will love our Sri Krishna Janmastami – a celebration of the transcendental embodiment of love, the Supreme Soul. 20 Chapel Street, North Adelaide5pm – 8pmMeditation free of charge, $10 for vegetarian dinnner & dessert