Spring Garden Workshop with Inge Jabara

Do you have a small backyard and can’t stand looking at dirt, grass and fence? Well I can help you! The Spring Garden Worksop is the first of the our summer series on «where to start garden design» you don’t need any qualifications, if you are wanting to DIY your garden then this is for you. The session runs from 9am till 12:30pm where Inge walks you through the basic design process so you can do it yourself. You are provided a simple plan on how to design your garden, walking away with all the tips and tricks the professionals uses. Simple and easy garden design is now right at your fingertips! Book today and reserve your spot.  Early Bird Ticket Avalible Till September 30th.$232.00 Full Priced Ticket Price as Of October 1st. $289.00 EVENT HOURS Saturday 12th October Start Time 9am: Email: team@ingejabara.com Website:  Phone 9046 1966FAQSWhat to Bring: Nothing we Provide pens and drawing pads. Will there be Morning Tea?: Yes We dont *****’t you to go hungry!Can I Bring a Friend?: Yes the more the merrier!