Speed Slow for Heroes Cannon Ball Run

We are racing from Houston To L’auberge Casino in Lake Charles LA. Details will be ironed out but the rules will be like this. 1. Must Have Valid License and Insurance 2. Must be enough seat belts in your race car for all of your team 3. $250 per person to enter (anyone riding must pay $100) 4. You Can not break the law, if you are caught driving wreckless or you get a ticket , u are disqualified 5. Someone in your team must take a selfie at 3 different gas stations with gas station attendant and 1 selfie with a CB Radio 6. You Must take a Picture at the state line with your entire team and your car 7. Valet at casino, go to craps table and roll a 7. 8. Take a group shot of your choice (take a pic for proof) 9. Find Judges and show pics 1st place $5000, plus $500 per team member $500 to best dressed team $1000 to most creative race car (must be street legal) All rules subject to change RSVP and stay tuned for more details. Money Raised will go to Base Camp 40 to support our veterans with PTSD Fievent.com | Contact | Privacy | Terms