Southern Venice Free Tour – 10am

We will discover the artistic soul of Venice while wandering around the southern part of the city: Dorsoduro district.

About this Event

The free tour will start from Campo della ******, in front of the majestic Accademia Gallery, and it will make you dis-cover the southern part of Venice: Dorsoduro district. We will talk about some of the most important steps of Venetian history: the plague epidemics, the golden age of commerce, the Napoleonic invasion and we will tell you fun facts and legends about some of the most extravagant people who inhabited Venice, like the famous Peggy Guggenheim, the great patron of contemporary art.

There will be some mysterious atmosphere, while we walk in front of Ca’ Dario and we will talk about its inhabitants. During the free tour you will also have the chance to visit the astonishing Basilica della Salute, we will explain why this church still occupies a special place in the heart of Venetians. You will take memorable photos and walk along the Fondamenta Zattere where, in addition to describing the imposing buildings and churches that we will see, we will also give you some advices about the best bacari and gelato that you will find in Venice! The itinerary will last about two hours and we will end our free tour very close to the starting point. During this free tour you will discover artistic treasures and popular traditions, wandering around one of the districts that we love the most, we are waiting for you! | Contatto | Privacy | Terms