Something Clever: JPo B-Day Jamz w/ Mike Huckaby

[something clever] is back at the Whiskey Disco, and it is time to celebrate all things spring. Birthdays, baseball, and great weather are on the horizon, and we are very excited about this season in Detroit. For this edition, we are very happy to present Detroit «Tastemaker» Mike Huckaby. Lace up your dancing shoes, and join us on the dance floor for a night of great music. Featuring…. Mike Huckaby [S Y N T H /Deep Transportation] – Detroit Tastemaker, Educator, Sound Designer, and Motor City Proponet. Mike Huckaby has done much for Detroit electronic music. The man behind the once legendary Record Time store has gathered an encyclopedic knowledge of music. He is one of those guys who knows all the roots and culture of electronic dance music. He is a person who can see beyond the hype and divisions within the scene. Mike knows exactly what the music is. Mike Huckaby has become the busiest remixer from Detroit in the past few years. Mike has been busy producing music on his two labels, Deep Transportation, and S Y N T H, which are well known amongst underground djs worldwide. With highly acclaimed deep house productions and remixes for Deepchord, Juan Atkins, Vladislav Delay, Pole, Loco Dice, LoSoul, and Pacou (just to name a few). Mike sees no end in the near future. Furthermore, Mike Huckaby has been touring, djing, and teaching music production with Native Instruments and Ableton software at Youthville, and around the globe extensively. When the discussion of the Detroit / Berlin connection comes to mind, Tresor or Hardwax is usually discussed. But the Detroit / Berlin connection of the millenium and beyond is taking place at Youthville with the assistance of Ableton and Native Instruments, and the work Mike is doing there. Mike brings the Detroit sound of deep house and techno with him. He knows the balance between deep house and techno like no other. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: W/support from [something clever] residents: Nesto

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