Somerset Ladies in Business Networking 26th September 2019

This month we will be joined by Lyn Paxman from Evolve You Coaching, Lyn will be talking to us about…..   From washing machine to clarity – why our outcome focused world makes it harder to achieve our goals and ways to do if differently.    Washing in the machine tumbles, gets tangled, moves around in different directions. A metaphor for life maybe? We all want clarity, focus and purpose and we’re led to believe if we manage our time, measure with metrics, are super-productive it will all come to us. The message is ‘must try harder’. But we don’t achieve the clarity we hoped for, or the satisfaction, or ever achieve the feeling that we are enough. So, what do we need to do differently? Lyn, a life coach and ‘recovering achiever’ talks about how she came to realise she was putting her focus in the wrong places. She will share her philosophy for sorting out the tangle of thoughts, feelings and ambitions so you can thrive not strive. She will show you her strategies for achieving what you want and need without pushing and without compromise, so you can find flow, clarity and joy.