SOMA Breath infinite rainbow RETREAT

SOMA Breath Infinite Rainbow Summer Retreat 6-day (06.09.2019. – 11.09.2019.)  special summer edition retreat, taking place in the south of Croatia, on the magical island of Vis in the Adriatic sea.We have put together the best practices available for our total immersion into the deeply transformative experience of personal development & evolution.How? … – you will get to work with extraordinarily talented and playful teachers at the same time – imagine how would you feel after just a few days of the holistic work that includes breathwork sessions, holistic exercises, yoga & meditation, contact improvisation dance & therapeuticwater dance group sessions in the sea, eating delicious food, enjoying crystal clear sea, discovering this piece of heaven and taking a trip to a nearby small island famous for its sea caves, having fun in one of the most beautiful places on Earth… All this taking place in the Mediterranean atmosphere of warm, late summer – surrounded by 4 teachers and a big group of like-minded people attending this fabulous meeting. Whoooa! If it sounds good, continue reading and it will get even better– by the end of the page, you will gladly hop in and have the most amazing summer experience waiting for you in the coming September! We can’t wait!So, what this is all about?Well, we all want to have a spectacularly good time while doing the real work for ourselves, don’t we?So Tomi (kneeling down, asking for a permit before the Almighty Spirit of Heaven & Earth) made a deal with Greg, Lucy & Nina to do just that – and blow your minds away! you are going to experience this summer is deep work on a physical, energetical and spiritual level. All four of us are dedicated to truly transformative & holistic work in order to provoke the true essence within us all. Every teacher has their own style and set of techniques/teachings that will push you further into this magnificent process of becoming the stronger and more authentic version of yourself, while at the same time experience total relaxation of your mind & HIGHLIGHTS* Morning Soma Breathwork Session* Morning Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga* Healthy & Fruity Brunches* Daydreaming and Swimming* Optional Trips & Adventures* Contact Improvisation Dance* Water Dance Sessions* Holistic Tao Exercises* Holographic Meditations* Traditional Mediterranean Dinners* Glas of Wine Won’t Hurt You* Highly Supportive Community* 5 Nights & 6 Days in Heaven* The Sound Of The Waves* Instruction Language: English * Skill Level: Come As You AreINFINITE RAINBOW RETREAT PROGRAMEach morning we will start powerfully with SOMA BREATHWORK session facilitated by Greg. Soma Breathwork Meditations use ancient pranayama breathwork techniques combined with brainwave euphoric music in a unique & dynamic way to create ecstatic states in your body & mind while relieving stress and raising your vibrational energy like no other meditation. When breathing in rhythms with specific instructions we can reach a state of self-hypnosis awaken dormant powers of the mind, supercharging and purifying your blood and nervous system for more energy, vitality and increasing your magnetic power of attraction. PRANAYAMA literally means control of life force. When you breathe consciously you create an electrical flow of energy through your body taping into your own power & energy while lifting yourself out of your anxieties & worries. Be your own manufacturer of happiness and feel the internal healing potential of intermittent hypoxia, go past the comfort zone & l.e.t. … g.o.We then continue our morning routine with a class of YOGA – art & science of Life, an ultimate blend which supports our personal evolution in the most beautiful way – graceful integration of conscious breathing and movement on all levels of our the movement of the mind which is reflected in our body language and directly connected with our breath patterns is one of the hardest, but sweetest practices one can do. The hardest part is in seeing our limitations, which ego usually has difficulties to accept. The sweetest part is letting go of those limitations and understanding the simple truth – they were never there in the first place. We inherited those limitations from believing that our surrounding is more real than we are because we lack deep self-awareness at those moments of our unconsciousness. Yoga brings that to the surface of the conscious mind in the form of revelations about ourselves, the world and the life in general. Our natural connection with the Source of all that is becomes stronger and stable with time, practice and dedication. This is how Yoga supports the integration of different layers of our Being, making it whole and holy again. All it takes to succeed in that affair is burning desire and unbending intention for it to be Vinyasa Yoga sessions are led by our amazing yoga teacher Lucy who will share with you her beautiful energy and knowledge on the subject. Prepare for some sweat-and-release practice under the gentle morning sunrays. Yes, she has the most lovely Spanish accent – it’s there on purpose as to confuse your mind! After each morning routine, you will be more & more in love with life – you see, we want you to really get lost there, in order to be truly found. what’s next on the menu? Let’s eat something nice – Tomi will cook & prepare brunch while you are in Greg’s and Lucy’s hands & hearts.…It’s only noon now and so much is done already – maybe you want to just sit down for a moment and soak all the experiences for yourself and do journaling (it’s a highly recommended practice to do and discover some new insights at the end of the retreat).Take your next five hours of free time and do whatever you want. What happens there, stays there – we promise! can do a solo exploration in your afternoon or we can do group wandering – have a trip with the boat to a nearby island or take a ride with cars… or just play hide & seek around this adorable old town. There are actually plenty of interesting spots you can discover this way. Yeah, let’s do that!Anyways, we can plan next days free activities in the evenings’ councils over the dinner. Just bring your best card to the table – the group will decide.But before all that jazz, it’s your playful afternoon time with Nina. You will experience CONTACT IMPROVISATION dance on the ground and WATER DANCE sessions in the sea. Let’s see which element suits you best – and let’s do the work on the rest. Both practices are focused on internal feeling and awareness – teaching us to act from the state of presence. We will explore physical touch with the earth and each time start from very subtle forms towards weight sharing exercises, playing with falling and understanding gravity factor. In water, we will use our breath and relaxation to get to the place where the body can let go of any tension, emotion or anything that holds us, so the mind can reach deep meditative state…… and prepare you finally for the evening HOLISTIC EXERCISES with Tomi. This practice is based on Do-in (Tao Yin), a holistic system of exercises whose roots go into far-reaching history and are based on the idea of a spiritually free man (Shin-Shen-Do) – the way of physical, mental and spiritual development. From intuitive movements that have grown in Do-in form as we know it today, almost all physical, mental or spiritual self-development practices were born – such as yoga, meditation, martial arts, … The uniqueness of these exercises is manifested in the fact that everyone can practice them, as they are not physically demanding. They are combination of holistic & meditative exercises of meridian stretching (energy flow pathways), alchemical breathing & energy exercises, healing sounds, eyes & **** exercises, self-massage & internal organs healing techniques, intentional focus on inner silence and self-regulation on a horizontal & vertical axis of our being. Exercising Do-in, energy flow within a person quickly adapt to optimum psychophysical functioning, thus supporting health, rejuvenation, and self-awareness. A growing sense of vitality, harmony and inner peace is accompanied by experiences that increasingly integrate into a holistic and authentic personal expression. Each session we will close withguided HOLOGRAPHIC TEACHERSMiss. Lucía Ligero Martínez is a curious girl from Barcelona, a Primary School teacher who after three years of working in different schools with kids and upon the initiation into Ashtanga yoga realized that she is missing true knowledge and tools for understanding her own mind.So the decision was made to go on a journey of deepening the knowledge of the yoga philosophy. She headed to India and found her teachers Sachidananda and Venkateshaiah who thought her further on the path of Yoga and and self-transformation lead to experiences of understanding oneself and sharing love, compassion, and generosity with others. With her Yoga practice, Lucia will create space for us all to listen to our true nature – the inherent Love – and to share that Love to all Radovanovic is a yoga teacher, dancer, and somatic therapist from Belgrade. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in a tantric ashram and continued to study different styles of vinyasa, hatha, yin and acro yoga in India and Bali, as well as Vipassana in bodywork brought her to study Ayurveda and Thai massage, before eventually leading her to  Aguahara. She fell in love with the water treatment and has embraced the element of water fully and wholeheartedly.Now, as her main interest in exploration, she uses water as an environment where she can both heal and play, recognizing its immense potential for therapy and art equally. During the retreat, Ninawill also offer individual Aguhara water treatments on request – an exclusive opportunity for total 2 collective & vu ava somaticHOSTSMr. Thomas Abelar! The founder of Rainbow Garden, an MA in Psychology, Shiatsu bodywork therapist, Teacher of Holistic exercises, Yoga,Tao, Macrobiotic Philosophy & Practice, Holistic Lifestyle  rich experience in personal and collective dynamics support, leading yoga & holistic exercises classes and conscious cooking workshops, his style of intuitive and direct transmission of knowledge and information will leave you motivated and curious, which are exactly the prerequisites needed for any transformation to take place. During the retreat, Thomas will lead evening holistic exercises & holographic meditation classes and can be additionally booked for private shiatsu & holistic counseling sessions upon Mannion is an Englishman in Barcelona (New York was someone else’s story!). The founder of Infinite Breath and a Soma Breath Master Instructor that has given workshops and retreats in Europe and Asia to over 1000 people in the past getting familiar with Wim Hof Method, he quickly progressed to a Soma Breathwork Method which is powerful meditation technique that helps us to envision our future and let go of traumas, while creating a high level of vibrational energy from within. All his workshops are open fun and authentic spaces to express & connect through dynamic breathwork exercises, group connection, and guided meditations.“The only way to hold on is to keep letting go”. LOCATION & ACCOMMODATIONKomiža is one of the most beautiful small towns/villages in Croatia, located on the island of Vis, which has been marked as one of the ten most environmentally preserved islands in the Mediterranean by the World Organization for Environmental Protection & World Wildlife Fund. With its moderate and warm climate that allows for Tropical and Mediterranean vegetation, Vis island is also rich in natural sources of drinking water from the natural spring water reservoirs. Komiža ispicturesque old fisherman’s town with the most sunny days in a year, hundred-year-old carob trees, plenty of olives and lemons, beautiful & charming stone houses, medicinal Mediterranean plants and vineyards which are covering the hillsides. A long fishing tradition goes back to the golden age of the early 20th century, when Komiža had over 5000 people, compared to only 1500 present inhabitants. There is a tradition every year on the  Day, the patron saint of travelers, sailors and the town itself, when the old wooden fishing boat is burnt in front of the church. According to pagan traditions and the ancient belief, this sacrifice will help protect sailors and the town. The beaches in Komiža and crystal clear sea are only cognizable by experience. It’s easy to enter another time-&-space-line being immersed in the colors of green & blue, with fresh & salty air caring seductive fragrance of Mediterranean herbs. We people usually call this kind of places – is not included in the retreat ticket price, but we will gladly help you with finding the best place to stay while attending the retreat. For the price of 30 to 50 euros per night, there is a big selection of beautiful apartments and rooms all across the town.The same day retreat program ends, another story begins – Goulash Disko Festival, which is the first crowdfunded festival in Croatia happening in Komiža for the next 5 nights. We prepared a special 200 euros discount for the festival participants, so you might want to check that event (link here) and see if your holiday would extend for some extra time. With the retreat and the festival – it could easily be your most positively intense and joyful 10 days of 2019.! Let’s close this summer in style!SHIATSU BODYWORK TREATMENTAn hour-long bodywork session which you can additionally book is performed by Thomas, who is certificated professional in the field. Treatment is highly rejuvenating for the whole system and will put you in a deep relaxation state of body and mind. You could experience some new insights within yourself, feel the discharge of some negative energy that you may hold in yourself, and as a result – a vibrant and joyful feeling of freshness and enthusiasm. Your energy levels will noticeably go up since there will be new space and understanding created within BODYWORK TREATMENTAguahara is a beautiful practice of holding and floating a body in the water. Being in water allows a person to relax completely on the physical, mental and spiritual level equally. In a dance-like journey, a body is being moved on the surface of the water and under the water. People can feel releasing of body pain, loosening of spine, muscles and joints, stress relief, detox, purification, and deep mental relaxation. Aguahara is a powerful practice that gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your being in a safe and emphatic environment. Book the experience with Nina. INCLUDED* 6x Soma Breathwork Masterclass* 4x Yoga & Meditation Session* 2x Contact Improvisation Dance* 2x Water Dance Session* 6x Holistic Exercise Masterclass* 5x Homemade Brunch* 5x Dinner in the restaurant* 6 days of pure fun & serious workHOW TO GET THEREIf coming with the plane, please book your flight to arrive atSplit Airport (SPU).Split Airport to Split Port(30min by bus): from Split Airport you can take a ride with an airport bus and arrive at Split Port (cost of 30KN / 4,00 EUR).Split Port to the island of Vis (2h20min by ferry): In Split Port take a ferry which will transfer you to Vis Port at the island of Vis (cost of 54 KN / 7,30 EUR). The ferry ride to Vis island from Split takes 2.5 hours and passes nearby the beautiful island of Brač and of Vis to town of Komiža (15min by bus): Once you arrive in Vis Port (town of Vis), you can explore the town or take a bus and head directly for the town of Komiža. The bus station is in front of the ferry, waiting for you – take a bus ride to Komiža (cost of 25 KN / 3,40 EUR), a town on the other side of the island, 10-kilometer distance from the capital town of BIRD TILL 6.8.2019.597€REGULAR TICKET AFTER OFFER: claim your INFINITE RAINBOW retreat ticket & receive a GOULASH FESTIVAL ticket for FREE !  For the first 10 people ONLY ! Hurry up, there are still some spots available!WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU – FIND US IN THE PARALLEL REALITY OF HEAVENLY SUMMER VIBES, ON THE OTHER SIDE OFTHE INFINITE RAINBOWTo reserve your spot or for any questions contact : Greg Mannion 0034 616 510 258 /