SoCal Etsy Guild Market San Diego

SoCal Etsy Guild Presents….   SoCal Etsy Guild Market  at Westfield Mission Valley  #SoCalEtsyGuildMarket   HAPPENING THE FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH Upcoming Dates February 2,2019 (Due to Rain Rescheduled for Feb 23,2019) February 23,2019 March 2,2019 (Due to Rain Rescheduled for March 9,2019) March 9,2019 April 6,2019 May 4,2019 June 1,2019 July 6,2019 August 3,2019 September 7,2019 October 5,2019 November 2,2019 December 7,2019 Join us for an amazing day of handmade fun!   Live Art, Local Designers, Handmade Vendors, and Much More Saturday Hours 10am to 9pm   This is a ONE day event.  THIS EVENT IS OUTDOORS    All vendors will be located directly in front of Nordstrom’s ****, Tender Greens, Starbucks, and the Parking lot. This is a street and parking lot visible location.  Vendor area has pre existing traffic walking through. It is a flow space with traffic generated from both sides.   Check out our YouTube Channel to see video from past events! In the event of rain this event will be rescheduled within 24 hours of the event start time. If the event will be rescheduled due to rain the decision will be made no later than 12pm the day before the event. All vendors will receive a full credit for the amount paid. If possible it will be rescheduled for a future date. Vendors can use credit towards any SoCal Etsy Guild event that still has availability. Vendors are not obligated to use credit for the recheduled date.  EVENT DETAILS This is a one day event taking place at the Westfield Mission Valley Mall in San Diego. Southern California handmade artisan vendors, local designers, artist, live art, food, give aways and much more! Items being sold by vendors must fit in one of the following categories: Art, Handmade, Vintage, Original Design or Artisanal Food. Vendors must stay open for entire market hours. Partial day participation is not available.  VENDOR DETAILS All items being sold by vendors must fit in one of the following categories: Art, Handmade, Vintage, Original Design or Artisanal Pre Packaged Food. Non Profit organizations are welcome. However, NO religious or political organizations participating for the sole purpose of handing out information will be allowed.  All items must be family friendly. No ***** material or profanity is allowed. NO RESALE ITEMS OR DIRECT SALES ITEMS WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE SOLD AT EVENT! NO DIRECT SALES REPRESENTATIVES ARE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT. Event coordinator and Westfield staff reserves the right to inspect items being sold by vendors to verify they fit in one of the allowed vendor categories. If items being sold are believed to be resale, inappropriate, or do not fit in one of the allowed categories the vendor will be asked to remove items or leave the event. If vendor is asked to leave the event they will not be issued a refund.   Vendors are welcome to share a space. Please be sure to provide BOTH business names, website, and social media links. However no additional space will be given to vendors sharing a space. You must stay within the allowed space. Vendors will be assigned spaces upon arrival the day of the event. Space assignment priority is in the order in which you signed up in. Please arrive early to allow plenty of time to check in and set up.  An effort will be made to limit similar products from being placed near each other. Only a limited amount of jewelry vendors will be allowed. Vendors are expected to keep their spaces clean and professional appearing throughout the event. All vendors are required to have a CA sellers permit.  NO refunds will be issued unless the event is cancelled by the coordinator.  THIS EVENT IS OUTDOORS. Each vendor space purchased includes the use of 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 white linen and umbrella. Vendors are responsible for providing everything else necessary for their own set up.  NO ez ups or anything similar will be allowed. Vendor spaces measure 8 feet wide by 5 feet deep. NO displays over 5ft tall are allowed. Vendors are welcome to bring additional tables and displays. but ALL tables must be covered in a white linen. These linens MUST be white, wrinkle free and professional appearing. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! The top of the table can be covered in a covering or cloth that matches your display. However this covering or display may not hang more than 1 foot over the table. All parts of your display must fit within the space you have purchased. Due to mall clearance regulations ALL displays must be kept under 5 feet tall. If you have a dispay over 5 feet you must email with pictures of your display for approval. NO Banners or large signs are allowed.  Please note a professional, clean, and organized space is the top priority of the SoCal Etsy Guild and Westfield. All vendors are held to a high standard. Staff of the SoCal Etsy Guild and Westfield reserve the right to make suggestion and not allow certain displays, signage, product, and merchandising if they feel it does not meet their professional opinion and expectation.  Professional attire for all vendors is required. In case of extreme rain this event will be rescheduled.  Plenty of free parking is available.  LOAD IN INSTRUCTIONS Vendor Set up time is from 7:00am to 9:30am. NO VENDOR THAT ARRIVES AFTER EVENT START TIME WILL  BE ALLOWED TO SET UP! The location opens for business sharp at scheduled start time! It is extremely disruptive to other vendors and the surrounding businesses to be unloading after the location has opened. Unloading after market start time is not allowed under any circumstance. Vendors will not be allowed to pull vehicles directly near their space.  This event is outdoors. It is recommended to use a dolly or cart to ease your unloading process. All vendor vehicles must be moved no later than 30 minutes prior to market start time. Plenty of free parking is available. Each vendor space purchased is provided with one table, chairs, white linen and umbrella. Vendors are responsible for providing everything else necessary for their set up. Spaces must be set up and ready to go 30 minutes prior to market start time.  Vendors that have not arrived by market start time risk losing their space.  I central cell phone charging station will be available to all vendors. If you feel you need additional lighting for your product or display after sun down vendors are responsible for providing battery powered lights. Gas powered generators will not be allowed. Electricity availablity is not guaranteed.  BREAK DOWN  Vendors will not be allowed to pack up their spaces until end of event.  By purchasing a space you agree to stay until the end of the event.  Vendors that leave early may not be considered for future events. Packing up early is disruptive to your fellow vendors and local businesses. It effects the event and the sales of those around you. Please be considerate and do not pack up until the end of the event. BY PURCHASING A SPACE YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING  Your space is required to stay open, clean, and available to customers until the end of the event. Vendors must stay open for entire market hours. Partial day participation is not available. You are responsible for construction, removal and cleanup of your space. You are required to stay within the space purchased. You are responsible for all sales transactions and resulting tax liabilities.  Please have a copy of CA seller’s permit present with you. All vendors are respinsible for running and operating their own business legally and following all state and federal laws. This event can’t guarantee either a certain number of sales or a certain number of customers coming to the show. Participation in this event is at your own risk. Event coordinator is not responsible for acts of god and extreme weather. No refunds will be issued unless event is cancelled by coordinator. In case of cancellation due to rain or extreme weather vendors will receive a credit for a future SoCal Etsy Guild event.