Simple DALI Wizard Course – DCSW5/19Q

Overview The DALIcontrol DALI Commissioning Wizard is a computer-based software application that steps you through the commissioning of a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) line. The Commissioning Wizard enables you to test network wiring, find existing light fittings and easily add new ones. New fittings are automatically addressed and can be easily found using visual identification. Addressed fittings can be rearranged into a logical order manually or using the auto-order feature. The Commissioning Wizard connects to a DALI line in two ways; via an Ethernet connection to a controller or via a serial connection using a serial DCDALCI communications interface. Formal training time…1 days theory/practical. Primarily for…Electrical Contractors and Apprentices who are required to learn how to perform basic programming of the C-Bus DALI units. You need to have…A strong electrical or technical background and experience using a PC. Objectives and Content This course provides an overview of the Clipsal by Schneider Electric DALIcontrol Simple solution implementation. At the end of this course you will have, knowledge of the DALIcontrol Simple solution’s product offering and benefits. Knowledge of the DALIcontrol Simple Wizard software used to: –  C-Bus Key Unit Programming.-  Commissioning of DALI Line (ECG & ECD).-  C-Bus DALI Gateway. ·         Connect to a DALI Network and Perform Wiring Test. ·         Discover and address DALI Electronic Control Gears (ECG) and DALI Electronic Control Devices (ECD). ·         Configure DALI ECG’s (e.g. Ballast, LED Drivers, Relays, etc). Configure DALI ECD’s (e.g. DALIcontrol Switches & Sensors) according to lighting control specifications.