Shamanic apprenticeship : one month dieta Sept – October

Because of growing interest and requests we are getting, we are opening a discounted long term dieting option for people interested in learning upon shamanic path, apprenticing towards the vocation of a healer, working with entheogenic ( and other ) plants. Dieting is what we specialize in anyway in recent years, so we will not be hiding here essential fact : the most intense and productive healing and learning is an internal process, and externally taught techniques are only complementary to this. There is no way around basic sequence of things – first you need to know yourself, heal yourself, and somewhere alongside the process you learn how to help others, through first hand understanding of the mechanism. There are other challenges here, that people dieting for their own healing may not experience to such extent – for example how to differentiate what you may see as «calling» or vocation from self-delusion of ego, unwilling to face difficult reality and compensating this with urge to save others / the world. To help you in this, professional psychological assistance will be availabe during apprenticeship dieta. Another difference is that potential healer’s dieta must be longer. This one month option that we propose here is a step up from our usual two weeks dietas, but we should not fool you – they do not make you a shaman yet. You will not receive any certificates upon graduation, any blessing which entitle you to start your own ceremonies. You may of course do so, as some people even do after their first retreat ever, and we will not stop you either. We will be honest with you at any step of this journey, and available for consultations later, to help you make decisions that are essentially yours. This dieta, if done with right intention and commitment, can be a great transformation for yourself, that may or may not lead to further learning, dieting, ultimately your own medicinal practice. So to make it clear again – you learn mostly from the plants, with our guidance, but at your own pace, influenced by element of grace – whether plants will be kind or difficult. You can diet large trees which are foundation of shamanism here. Just like they support the vine climbing upon them in the forest, so in you they will deliver strength and grounding, to balance visionary and flight inducing effect of the ayahuasca, to keep you grounded in this world, where your task lies. Progress of your dieta will be monitored in ayahuasca ceremonies by a large crew of experienced practitioners, shamans and psychologist. It is also in the ceremonies you will be able to practice icaros given to you by plants you are dieting, just like all shamans learn here. According to your experience, you may be able to assist in live healing process of our guests. Again, as in any apprenticeship path, this is always under control of maestro. We do serious work here, not a mish mash of «I think it is right so I am right» approaches. You will be taught how to work with tools such as tobacco, agua florida, chakapa. How to practice patience and use silence. How to watch and how to listen. At least twice during that period you will participate and learn how to prepare your own ayahausca brew, how to infuse it with intention, to concentrate, to focus. Now, because we treat each person individually, it is best to contact us with further questions about this programme, so we may also see whether it is right for you. You may also have a look in photo gallery to get a feel of our place, and read below description, that is our usual introduction to dieta, adapted for this special retreat. IMPORTANT : please read carefully following description, and if there is anything unclear or anything more you need to know, write us a message, we will love to go into details. It is important to be aware what is dieta before signing up. We could describe dieta as transformation process happening in isolation, a kind of shamanic vipassana that enables contact with spirits of healing plants, better understanding of oneself and roots of own problems, getting rid of things blocking you from moving forward and finding onwards path in life. This is an intimate diet structured in a traditional style in a family camp, in a very small group, under care of healers from the Shipibo tribe and a western team of facilitators. This holistic transformation process consists of : 1 month dieta in isolation / 8 ceremonies with Ayahuasca cooked on the spot out of pure, chosen plants / private consultations with shamans / private integration sessions with a psychologist experienced in working with plants – depending on the needs / plant medicines – chosen according to your intentions and issues to be solved / plant bath / rapé and mapacho ceremonies / jungle walks / specially designed training for apprentice, including teaching ayahuasca preparation / integration/consultation services after the dieta You can diet one of many plant teachers available, such as Ajo Sacha (Mansoa Alliacea), Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia), Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora), Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus laevis), Uña de Gato (Cat’s Claw, Uncaria Tormentoso) and many other. You can choose yourself if you are experienced, or healers can help you choose according to your intentions. Longer dieta also allows for dieting powerful trees – palos maestros – such as Noya Rao, Ayahuma, Nihue Rao and many others. Our focus and best effects so far are working with issues such as chronic depression, lack of clarity and purpose in life, compulsive habits and addictions ( for example alcohol, drugs, *** addiction ), lack of focus and determinations to finish things, anxiety and excessive control, emotional blockages. Besides, both ayahuasca and other plants prove effective for a range of physical ailments. It is best to contact us before to discuss potential options of your healing. Dieta is led by a crew of experienced Shipibo shamans, we especially take care to have female maestra present, which is most appreciated by women who often are cautious who they learn from. The healers work with a variety of techniques, ayahuasca ceremonies being only one among them. On each retreat we select those who are in best shape, not affected by routine, which results in some places in shaman falling asleep during the ceremony. Male shamans give sense of foundation and stability in the ceremony, as well as power that takes you really deep, while female presence assures empathy, feeling and sensitivity. If there is any physical treatment that needs to be performed at night, during ceremony, female guests are always treated by female healer. There are also always multilingual Western practitioners present, so all the work is very personalized, completely different from group ceremonies with dozens of people you may have experienced. Our typical ratio is 1 healer per 2 guests so it guarantees safe and profound experience. The concept of the dieta in Shipibo and some other Amazonian cultures is learning directly from the plant you are dieting, receiving messages in order to heal oneself, learn about reality, and learn tools of medicinal work, especially healing songs called icaros. It requires a lot of determination, and is for people dedicated to make a change in their life and in lifes of others. By silencing your mind, switching out external distractions, chaotic energies of everyday life, you can be still enough to hear subtle message, in your dreams, visions or in the forest surrounding you, the teaching from the plants. This is how shamans of these traditions learn, and how you can learn. The integration of Ayahuasca experience is even more important than the ceremony itself. Diet is something very similar to Vipassana – silent Buddhist meditation, or looking for a vision. The participant will spend time in complete solitude, away from all distractions, to allow devoting as much time as possible to introspection after the ceremony. Food during the diet is without salt, sugar, spices, fat, no fruit. It is suggested to refrain from reading, communication with the outside world, instead we suggest concentration, meditation or yoga. It is a form of isolation, a process of symbolic burial, permission to let the old patterns die, and the new path to be revealed, what is worth emphasizing again, it is a certain sacrifice in order to truly change and learn. You will be dieting in a private tambo, forest hut, protected against insects, without electricity. Twice a day, a simple meal will be served. Specific plants have their characteristics, some are better for opening heart and emotions, some give you a solid center and strength, defence against hardships of life, some make you more focused, able to do what you want but so far only claimed you want, including leaving your addictions. Some can heal stomach problems, rheumatism, depression. You should specify your intentions when applying, and the healer will choose one appropriate. The root of ¨dieta¨ is δίαιτα , which was a Greek word meaning a way of life. This included not only food, but also way of being in the world, way of thinking, relating to environment and others. In the Amazonian tradition it means stepping out of your ordinary daily life, and reorganizing it completely with the aim of changing focus and opening new communication – with plants and with yourself. If you want a radical breaktrough, you need to look for radical solutions. You may have already drunk ayahuasca or went through some other initiatory experience that hinted you direction to follow, but all seems very complicated, you don´t know where to start, entagled in complexity of your life patterns. But there is a way. It has been tested in history of humanity in various contexts, spiritual practice of separating yourself from social game, from all habits and noises, and seeking the voice in the wilderness. Whether it is Jesus conversing with God and Satan in the desert, an Amazonian shaman learning from the plants, or modern man understanding himself better, these may be just cultural ways of attempting to use language to describe similar process. The only way to understand, is to stop thinking and try. This can not only be profound healing, but also an adventure of your life. We set our price very moderately, to enable access for people with limited budget. At the same time we pay same kind of money to the healer she would get working with big groups. This is our effort to revive traditional Shipibo ways of learning and create intimate experience for you. The modest profit goes for people assisting you in the diet process and development of the place, as well as protecting the forest disappearing quickly near the towns of Amazon. We are not wasting money for luxuries, the whole point is to be immersed in simplicity of nature. We prefer people with specific intentions, especially health issues they would like to work with, both psychological and physical. It may be also being on the crossroads, seeking new direction in life. This is something dieta is very good for, by stepping out of your ordinary daily trance you may gain new perspective, more clear than just be a weekend trip to a suburban ayahuasca ceremony. Dieta is also a fundamental step on path of shamanic apprenticeship, so if you feel a calling for learning craft of the healer, also good to put it to the test. Some more info about dieta process : Dieta start with flower bath, this is the way to cleanse and make you more receptible to plant spirits, removing distractions. Your plant can be chosen beforehand, if you specify your intentions, what you want to resolve or learn. It is formally opened with first ayahuasca ceremony, during which healers will be additionally able to diagnose you, connect with plant being dieted, perhaps also add another one. You will be also able to see with greater clarity and details the issues present in yourself, perhaps also find suggestion about plant. After first ceremony you are given first dose of plant. The preparation, amount, frequency, that all depends on type of plant. Some are taken every day apart from the day of ceremony, some just three or four doses in the beginning. They also have different requirements, some are more strict, for example demanding avoiding sun exposure or excessive movements, some more relaxed. Throughout the dieta you are guided and monitored by our crew, to discuss things coming up, both about your psychological and physical process, and sometimes adjust in different ways. This is highly individual, and so makes no sense to give examples here, but small size of group allows us to give enough attention to each guest’s development. What is common that all plants have what Shipibo call shitana, which is negative or dark energy, proportionally stronger according to medicinal and healing power of the plant. It can be contained with right knowledge and approach, for example, consciously working with negative thoughts appearing, like inner criticism of someone you know, when you are able to see it and dominate, you can transcend from potentially self and other harming pattern to better more aware living also later, after the dieta. Technically, you spend most of the time in isolation. You are served bland meals in your private house, this is also where consultations happen. You are allowed all activity that does not involve seeking distraction from outside, like recorded music, but you are encouraged to draw, write, especially note your dreams, do yoga, sing or play instruments. Part of comunication with plant spirits happens through musical inspiration. You can take walks in the forest, but avoiding going to village and contact with other humans’ energies. Ceremonies happen with intervals of two days in between, to allow integrating experience, physical rest and also time with yourself, away from usual distractions. This process can be compared in some ways with vipassana, however focus here, apart from own self understanding, is to connect too with plant energies. Final ceremony includes sealing of energies and placing protective arkanas, which are supposed to guard results of your diet and permanent connection with the plant. You are instructed about post dieta period, during which we are also available for online consultations. Alongside the Shipibo healers, leading this event are : Tata Mundo : Almost 20 years on a long and twisted path of exploration of magic, primordial beliefs, traditional cultures, shamanism and spirituality of the world. From Rastafarian camps in Jamaica, voodoo in Haiti and Africa, desert traditions of healing with trance, in Maghreb, Ethiopia, Pakistan, shamanism of Mongolia, Africa, Pakistan, mysticism of Indian subcontinent, transformative Sufi rites on three continents, Bwiti initiation in Cameroon, finally culminating in Amazon and Andes, learning its traditional medicine, sampling various sources of knowledge of the world and inspiration, understanding of self and bringing others safely through paths scouted before. Worked with shamans in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, gringos, mestizos and tribes : Shipibo, Siona, Cofan, Tsachilas, Kamsa, Achuar, Kichwa, Witoto. Traveler, journalist, guide, practitioner. Founder and leader of medicinal camp in the jungle of northern Peru, place where patients from all around the world come seeking solutions to their problems. Specializes in entheogenic plants used in the local tradition. Primal, ancient shamanism reinterpreted through body, breath and own, unique experience for the moment of NOW, improvisation, syncretism, song woven continually, rooted in ancient past and in various cultures with fruits here and for each case individually. Błażej Czwojdziński «Blez» A psychologist, traveler, guardian and one of the base builders in the Amazon forest. Fascinated by the potential of plants with psychedelic properties in the transformation process. In his work he mainly helps to safely pass ayahuasca experience, supports the process with modern psychotherapy tools mainly from the narrative psychology branch, is a translator and guide in contact with local healers, conducts integration sessions.

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