Seventeen Dallas KPOP 8/23/17

Good morning . It’s Playdis Entertainment . In celebration of the year of 2017 , 2017 SEVENTEEN 1ST WORLD TOUR «DIAMOND EDGE» world tour is held now ! This World Tour will be held in 13 different locations, Seventeen’s music and performances can be shown on the world tour Thank you very much . Please refer to the following schedule for detailed schedule , Details about the Seoul concert will be announced later . Hello, This is PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT. 2017, which is the year of SEVENTEEN, 2017 SEVENTEEN 1ST WORLD TOUR «DIAMOND EDGE»! In this year’s WORLD TOUR, we will be visiting 13 cities. The show will be as edgy as the tour title, which contains various songs and performances in a unique way of SEVENTEEN style. We hope you are looking forward to our concerts! Detailed tour schedule can be seen as below, and concert details will be announced soon. | Contact | Privacy | Terms