Seasons of the Feminine – Lammas

Calling awakening women! Find belonging in our tribe of sisters as we journey consciously through the seasons together in these transformational workshops.  Join us for all the workshops or choose the ones that call you most strongly. This series of deeply connecting workshops will powerfully heal the wounds that are holding you back and ensure your feminine power and magic are brought forth. Together we will create and hold a sacred space where you can safely open to your true, authentic nature as an awakening woman. You will connect deeply with yourself and with the women in our circle, understanding how to work with the cycles of your feminine nature to birth your dreams into reality and fulfil your greatest potential. Allow yourself to be held in this nurturing space for a day or more. Sink into the warmth and connection and feel yourself loved and accepted just as you are. Move your body, find your authentic voice and step into your power. In this safe, sacred space magic happens; your perspective changes and inspiration comes. You see possibilities. You sense freedom. You know deep within that something has shifted and that you are a brighter, lighter version of yourself than you were before. You know that you will take that home and out into the world and that you will be supported every step of the way. A wonderful opportunity to… Dive deeper into your feminine cycle, the cycles of the earth, your innate power and the wisdom of your womb. Reconnect to your wisdom, passion and purpose. Experience a renewed sense of connection and belonging. Remember your ability to tune into your body and hear her wisdom Find a safe space to heal and move beyond painful patterns in your life Experience the permission to do whatever YOU need, to take your next steps towards more authenticity, freedom and joy in your life. The Wheel of the Year and Ancient Fire Festivals This series of workshops will be centred around the Wheel of the Year with each one taking place at one of the ancient fire festivals of our land. They will weave together ceremony and circle time, powerful exercises and sacred song. We will tune in deeply to the cycles of the year and our menstrual cycles, to the Feminine archetypes and life-cycle. You will discover where you are in harmony with your true nature and where you are blocked. Together we will hold and dissolve the barriers that are holding you back from living your most magnificent, most courageous life. Intuitive and Sacred I work intuitively and with the sacred space created with the five elements as my guide. This opens up immense possibilities for healing and listening to the call of your soul. It means that every workshop will be tailor-made for the awakening women who come together on that day. For you to shine your own light more brightly as you go back out into the world. All our work will be grounded back into reality before you leave so that the ripples of the transformation you have undergone will continue to be felt as your life unfolds. Our Venue All workshops will be held at the Bassett Rooms, Church Street, Ashover, Derbyshire S45 0AB.  This beautiful building was once a girls’ school so is the perfect place for our Feminine Awakening!  We have two floors entirely at our disposal for the day and a glorious sun-filled vaulted room in which to create our sacred space. Why not make a weekend of it and stay in this gem of a village or close by in the beauty and wilderness of the Peak District? Investment £115 x 1 Transformational Workshop each  £475 x 5 Transformational Workshops (saving £100!) Includes delicious home-made 2 course lunch, cake and unlimited tea and coffee. Dates Lammas – Saturday 1 August 2020 | Summer gathering / picnic with family and friends welcome Autumn Equinox – Saturday 19 September 2020 | The Enchantress, harvest, thanksgiving and balance Each workshop will run from 10am-4pm; with the room available until 5pm so that you can connect, centre, ground, chat (and drink more tea!) before you leave. Your facilitator and guide Jane is a pioneer among awakening women. She leads by example and her own life is a constant field of exploration of what it means to thrive in our modern world whilst remaining true to our feminine nature, our hearts and our souls. She has been leading transformational workshops for over 20 years. Trained as a Human Potential Coach, a Celebrant and a Moon Mother, Jane brings a unique and deeply sacred aspect to everything she does. I look forward to sitting in circle with youJane x