Scaling Rich – Small Business Scaling Profitably

Strategy and a talented team alone will not scale your business. Not even if you’re passionate about what you’re doing or the direction you’re going. It takes more than strategy, talent, and passion to keep business booming and to keep competitors from eclipsing your market share. To actually make it for the multi-generational long haul, you MUST KNOW your special scalable profits formula. Every company has a unique, special formula for creating scalable profits that increase their level of success. If you DON’T know what your special formula is, you’ll experience:  Slowed business growth with lagging sales and dwindling profits Serious cash flow issues leading to practices like putting your team’s salary on a credit card and praying you make it up in next month’s sales Not to mention, the disengagement glaze taking over your team’s eyes, which means they’re disconnecting from their work and becoming increasingly ineffective If you’re experiencing one or more of these right now, you NEED to attend this event. Most companies rely on the OLD ways of strategic planning, a talented team, and consistent sales to grow their business. But that logic is misguided. It sounds good, but this approach doesn’t take into account all of the factors that your business needs for you to: Actually scale, so you can increase bottom line profit (which means more cash) Bolster efficiency, so your company can get more done, in less time and with less stress on your team (which means happier, healthier team members with less burnout) Inspire your people to work in the business as if it were their own, so you can build a team that’s emotionally invested in the success of the business (which means more team engagement and effort) That’s why the powehouse team of Venturity Partners, Comerica Bank and Your Biz Rules has created the Scaling Rich Event. In our day together, you can expect to: Understand how the changing landscape of small business impacts your industry and your ability to scale Harness the power of rapid scaling to produce profits and create a meaningful legacy Walk away with the 5 strategies that will catapult your business from cash strapped to Scaling Rich™ This is for you if: You are concerned about industry disruption impacting your business and your ability to stay relevant in the marketplace. The ‘old ways’ of growth are frustrating (plus, they’re draining your cash!) You are looking to create significant growth that is truly sustainable. You are looking to improve KPIs across the business, using that momentum to drive PROFITS & CASH! You’ve been in business a few years and have reached 7-figures, or plan to hit 7-figures soon. A New American Dream is here for the taking. One that supports businesses scaling rapidly, capitalizing on market changes, and using the advantages of small business to beat the competition.  But if you want to grab the New American Dream, you are going to have to show up differently.   That means thinking differently, acting differently, and having different expectations or yourself and your business to make Scaling Rich a reality.   If you’re ready for increased cash flow, exponential profits, and a happy, powerhouse team, you need to attend the Scaling Rich event!  Join us so you can start making your New American Dream your new normal.  ALL Attendees are eligible to submit for the LIVE «Scaling Rich Reveal» where the representatives from Venturity Financial Partners, Comerica Bank and Your Biz Rules will all review your business, help identify your low-hanging opportunities for improvement and how you can best manage your business to meet your business goals. *Attendees interested in participating will need to submit through a link provided after registration. One business to be selected. You will be notified prior to the event of your selection.