Sales Essentials

In this fast-paced break-out session, we’ll cover the most essential items related to Sales.  We will cover what Sales really is, and make selling easy and fun for anyone! With three simple topics; asking for the business, handling objections and closing the sale, you will never look at Sales the same again. After this workshop, you will find the joy, passion, and fun of selling with your new-found skills and perspective on the ins and outs of Sales! A system for how to make cold calls, and how to introduce yourself Easy steps to handling objections and how to avoid them altogether Learn how to take a no and turn it into a yes, by asking 3 simple questions Learn how to overcome sales resistance and discover sales in a new way that will inspire you Learn how to make asking for the business, or closing the sale, in a way that feels good for you and the prospect Plus, additional tools and insights to accelerate your business sales! Please note these sessions may be filmed or photographed and used in marketing activities by EWH. | Contact | Privacy | Terms