SAM is a creative experience and vibe that all should witness live. We will put you in a time machine and take you on a FANTASTIC VOYAGE back to the past by providing a musical and visual sountrack to what was cool and fun about growing up. We encourage everyone to dress for THE ERA more information coming soon.  The COOL AND UNIQUE thing about SAM is there are no CELL PHONES ALLOWED. In other words you have to be there to be there. So if you would like to experience something PRIVATE, new, different  and innovative PLEASE RSVP if not DON’T. We are in the process of creating EXCLUSIVE events for those that want to be able to, dance, talk, netwok and vibe and not have it blasted out all over the internet until they want it to. We will provide guest with food, drinks, music and more than enough entertainment. LIVE PHOTOSHOOTS. PAINTING, AND WINE !  SAM IS A EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE TO BE THERE TO BE THERE !! rsvp today