'Rum Runners Revenge' Rum Cruise – 7pm (The Liquorists)

The Rum Runner’s Revenge Returning this year is The Rum Runner’s Revenge Cruise – Most of your favourite drinks in your favourite bars are actually Rum based… the Mojito, the Daiquiri, the Pina Colada, the Dark and Stormy…ALL Rum!Rum’s history is a turbulent, Global tale of Empire, slavery, and fortunes made and lost – what better place to tell this story than on the high seas…of Salford Quays!! Island Vibes 7 drinks using a variety of Rum’s from all over the Caribbean and beyond will form the refreshment of the day – some you will have heard of, some you will not, all will become your new favourite! Food by **** Shack!! The food aboard will be Caribbean in nature – Mutton Curry, **** Chicken, Rice, and peas…Delicious, flavorsome and fiery…just like the Rum, we will be sipping!! Rum in our Veins! Rum has long been a firm favourite of the people of Manchester – Tiki as F**k!! Group Bookings (10+) As usual we will be offering group booking discounts. Whole boat charters are available depending on the date – drop us a line to find out more. We also offer a deposit option for bookings 90+ days away. Please email Simon@theliquorists.com for group bookings! One last thing… ***FYI – The Liquorists’ cruises are ***** only no one under 18 is allowed on the is served and the language gets a little spicy at of a sensitive disposition YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! However…we are not suitable for stag do’s! Whilst we booze on a cruise, a ‘booze cruise’ we are not. A far more gentle and serene affair…. 😉 Any questions on the suitability or style of our events email bookings@