ReThrival ~ Monthly Leadership Business Lunch and Learn

Are you aware that having a high level of emotional intelligence contributes to world peace [and happiness.] No kidding. Join the conversation and develop your EQ, confidence, voice, personal power and more!   So Co HA, Sonoma County Healing Academy and Janet Caliri have teamed up to bring you solid leadership skills to integrate in your business, ensuring your desired outcome! You’ll begin to serve from your highest and best use of time!     We are about supporting you being your best selves, living in true flow and integrity to serve more people. Learn skills beyond your desire to implement your ideas. * Sitting in a circle, we have a lively discussion on the imperative of leadership and emotional intelligence. We sprinkle a «how to» structure. This is NOT a networking event, although we naturally come together to connect, learn, build relationships and support. Janet Caliri has over 15 years of leadership training from the very best teachers in leadership principles and transformation.   “Janet is incredibly perceptive and insightful!” ~ Don McCrea   In this series of leadership luncheons, you will develop: * accountability & ownership* emotional intelligence* congruence* groundedness* community (collective Mojo)* self-awareness* strong mindset* effective communication* confidence… and more!Come enjoy delicious organic food, engage with community, learn and enhance your leadership skills!   In curiosity and gratitude,   Janet*********************Please REGISTER. ALL GENDERS WELCOME & ENCOURAGED!$20 includes a yummy organic lunch by local grocers, leadership principles/guidelines. Plus spotlight coaching with Janet Caliri.   NO Monday of the month 11:30am: gather, eat and connect12:00-1:30pm: Spotlight Coaching [alternating month of speaker]Sonoma County Healing Academy6741 Sebastopol Ave #120-140, Sebastopol, CAPLEASE NOTE: There will be NO luncheon in November. Instead we have created a community event on Saturday November 16th! Click on link to learn more and register: Ease Into The Holidays ~ Struggle Less, Celebrate More!»   * Mark your calendar for last luncheon of the 2019, December 2. Contact Janet Caliri for more information: 323.252.0963 or *********************   Disclaimer: Registrants understand and agree that any photograph, video or audio recording of themselves may be used to further promote ReThrival or Visible Transitions