Remembering Ariel Grace

June 8th will be one year since the birth/death of our angel baby (e-angel), who was born at 27-28 weeks gestation due to Essure failure. It has been a rough year for my family and I, and we never imagined in a million years that we would have to bury our own baby. We would like everyone to remember her on this day by having a pink porch light, blowing pink bubbles, wearing pink, having your children blow pink pinwheels in her memory, and also in the name of all e-babies who did not make it because of Essure! We will continue this fight! Please if you participate, post a video or picture to this event page and hashtag#justiceforarielgrace A celebration in her honor will be held in Asheville North Carolina Message from Essure Problems: On June 8th join us in honoring Ariel Grace by having a pink porch light, blowing bubbles, wearing pink, having your children blow pink pinwheels, etc. Take pictures of this and post them to this event page to be shared all over social media. Use hashtags #JusticeForArielGrace #ArielGracesLaw#MedDevGuardianAct #Essure #EssureProblems Congressman MikeFitzpatrick will be introducing a new bill June 8th. This bill would remove the pre-emption for ALL devices so that a PMA does not arbitrarily protect against liability. A similar effort had over 100 cosponsors several years ago, and we hope to drive similar bi-partisan support while still keeping the focus on the harm caused by Essure and the need for Essure to be removed from the market. Kristiana Burrell has given her blessing to have the bill named after her daughter, Ariel Grace. This bill will be called Ariel Grace’s Law and introduced on June 8th, the one year anniversary of Ariel Grace’s death. Also, on June 8th the Medical Device Guardians Act of 2016 will be introduced. This bill will eliminate conflicts of interest at the FDA, protect individual practitioners from liability when reporting adverse outcomes associated with the use of medical devices, and prosecuting failures to “self-report” from practitioners. There will be a press conference on Wednesday, June 8th at 1pm on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC after the bills are introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives. If you are local and would like to attend, please PM Amanda Edwards Rusmisell so she can forward your information onto the Congressman’s office. There will be folks and their families attending that have been harmed by many medical devices. This is a great step for our cause and all medical devices shielded by PMA! MEDIA ADVISORY: Fitzpatrick, Slaughter to Announce Package of Medical Device, FDA Reform Bills WHO: – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) – Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) – Families impacted by dangerous medical devices – Patient safety advocates WHAT: Reps. Fitzpatrick and Slaughter will join women and families affected by dangerous medical devices Essure and laparoscopic power morcellators to announce package of bills aimed at strengthening the FDA’s medical device review process and increasing accountability for dangerous products. Speakers will share the emotional effects of these failed devices and their fight for justice. WHEN: Wednesday, June 8 1pm WHERE: House Triangle U.S. Capitol Building RSVP: To confirm coverage or request more information, contact Aaron Clark at . Fitzpatrick and individuals will be available for calls with press following the event – Please contact for more information. BACK- GROUND: Fitzpatrick has been the leading voice in Congress calling for medical device approval and review reform. Most recently, he has called for an Energy & Commerce Committee hearing on the FDA’s broken process. · Essure has harmed more than 25,000 women who have reported symptoms including extreme pelvic and abdominal pain, migraines, autoimmune reactions, loss of teeth and hair, and the coil damaging the uterus and other organs in the abdominal cavity. Last year, Fitzpatrick introduced the E-Free Act to remove the permanent sterilization device Essure from the market. · Power Morcellators have been spreading an undetectable fibroid cancer throughout the body, like shrapnel, for decades – taking Stage 1 cancers immediately to Stage 4. For hundreds, if not thousands of women, what was supposed to be a routine procedure ended with a death sentence. Last year, Fitzpatrick successfully commissioned a GAO investigation into FDA’s approval of this device and the failure of the reporting system to catch this unsafe device. | Contact | Privacy | Terms