Record Making Pro – 3 Day Master Class

The Record Making Pro Master Class is a 3-day recording seminar that will show you the ins and outs of the makings of a record. Spend three Days in a professional recording studio recording R&B funk band Vicious Grooves. We will be taking you through all the steps to record a song that will be commercially released.  Acclaimed producer Jason Slater (Third Eye Blind, Smash Mouth, Snake River Conspiracy, Queensrych, Ingrid Michaelson) will be producing the song from start to finish giving you an inside look of a producer’s role in the making of a record. Jason will be joined by engineer Andy Deguara (Queensrych, Lovers Drugs, Silent Envy, Too Short), showing you the recording process from mic techniques and placement, routing signal, capturing and editing in Pro Tools, along with mixing using both analog gear and a variety of plug-ins.   The Record Making Pro Master Class is an ideal place to see and gain first-hand experience on making a professional recording. Attendees of all skill levels are welcome. Questions and comments are encouraged throughout each session.  We strive to not only make a good quality recording but also to offer a comfortable learning environment where everyone can improve their recording skills. Don’t miss this opportunity for an in-depth look at the recording process with two industry professionals as well as being able to participate in the making of a record. Day 1:  Saturday November 2, 2019 – Band set up and basic tracking Day 2:  Sunday November 3, 2019 – Overdubing and editing Day 3:  Saterday December 7, 2019 – Mixing 10:00am to 7:00pm all days with a 1 hour lunch break. Tickets are limited Single day or all 3 day ticket packages available. To purches single day tickets just select the ticket with the day you would like to attend. To attend all three days select the 3 day ticket pachage.    Day 1:  Letting a band be a band again –      Setting up and placement of everyone in a room where a band will record Live together –      Microphone choices, set up, and placement –      Finding tones and making tracking decisions –      Comparing takes and how to choose the best ones –      Comping multiple takes to one if needed –      Overdubbing any additional instrument parts and takes   Day 2: Lead me this way  –      Overdub Vocals –      Determining how to pick vocal takes and comp them together –      Using third party Plug-ins to edit and fix different elements –      Create tempo maps and editing, changing, adding production element to improve upon the song   Day 3: Mixing all the way home –      Learning EQ, compression, and use of space (panning and reverb) –      Establishing your end goal –      Balancing and fine tuning volume between tracks –      Using automation  –      Master buss processing –      When is enough, enough –      Its mixed now what (finalizing a 2track master mix) Parking & Location Parking is available in Lot C and Lot D. There is a $3 parking permit fee for any non-Mission College student without a valid parking pass. Parking passes are available at the yellow machines located in the parking lots. They except cash and cards but do not give change.  The Studio is located in the Gillmor Center, room GC-123.