QuickBooks Class: QuickBooks Made Easy

QUICKBOOKS ONLINEIntroductory Course: QuickBooks Made Easy This class will provide you with the essentials any user needs to effectively manage your bookkeeping records using QuickBooks.   This class requires no previous experience or technical background and is perfect for those of all comfort levels. Part I: Bookkeeping ProcessTo use any bookkeeping software, it is important to understand the basics of bookkeeping.  This overview of the general bookkeeping process includes Transactions, Journals, Ledgers, Reports and the Chart of Accounts.  Part II: Setting Up your Business in QuickBooks OnlineThis section covers setting up the Chart of Accounts, Vendors, Customers, Products, Services, Items and Sales tax in QuickBooks. Part III: Record Keeping in QuickBooks OnlinePart III demostrates all the bookkeeping activities normally performed in QuickBooks including paying bills, invoicing, receiving payments, working with bank accounts and automating transactions. Part IV: ReportsLearn to find information and generate reports in QuickBooks including the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Statement of Cash Flows and Budgets