QLD SCRt CIWG | Procurement Strategies for the Future

SCRt CIWG | Procurement Strategies for the Future Host to be confirmed When we picture what the supply chain will look like in the future, concepts such as robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing and blockchain probably come to mind. As we continue to transition toward a faster-paced and connected working world, the question about what the future holds for the procurement function is trends point towards: Procurement’s contribution to the overall organization strategy will be a major driver for competitive advantage. Procurement will be a smaller, more agile function, partnering directly with business units. Integrated data analysis will enhance visibility of patterns across the organization. Organizations will leverage internal and external data sources to better assess supplier risk. Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution providers will reveal their architecture so that third parties can develop and sell apps and software that enhance functionality. Existing decisions on make vs. buy will be challenged. Are you ready for this kind of future? In this CIWG event we will look at such questions as: Where does procurement fit in your strategic goals? What are you doing right now in anticipation of a greater use of technology in the future? Do you make? Or do you buy? SIRF Roundtables in Queensland currently comprises in excess of 40 progressive organisations that network and share their best practices in a peer to peer learning environment, specialising in Operational Excellence, Supply Chain and Industrial Maintenance. ‘Common Interest Work Group’ (CIWG) events are for technical specialists looking to discuss with peers, specific topics they are working on, in and around their field of excellence. FAQs Who should attend?Procurement, Planning, Logistics, Finance, Management or anyone interested in investigating the future of procurement. What are my parking options for the event?To be confirmed What are the PPE requirements?To be confirmed When do I need to register by?Registrations close 3 working day prior to event date Investment?This event is included in SIRF Roundtable membership Who can I contact for further information? Hannah Watts | | 0436 449 713