QLD OERt CIWG | How Do You Lead Change?

OERt CIWG | How Do You Lead Change? Hosted by: To be confirmed When we are compelled to change ourselves, we will have a high degree of control over the result. However, our working lives are rarely that simple; Change of a product, process or system involving other stakeholders, gets significantly more complex. First the bad news: If you’re not willing to embrace change you’re not ready to lead. Put simply, leadership is not a static endeavour. In fact, leadership demands fluidity, which requires the willingness to recognise the need for change, and finally, the ability to lead change.  Now the good news: As much as some people want to create complexity around the topic of leading change, the reality is – creating, managing and leading change is quite simple. Why is it that some change efforts fail, and some succeed? • What are successful change leaders doing that others are not?• Have you analysed a change that did not work? What were the factors?• Does your organisation have the capacity to change?• How are you leading the change efforts that you are responsible for?• Are you set for success or failure? Join in a lively discussion and share what’s worked for you and what hasn’t.Get some great insights from others on when and how they have been successful with their change go back and review how you are leading change and change for the better. SIRF Roundtables in Queensland currently comprises in excess of 40 progressive organisations that network and share their best practices in a peer to peer learning environment, specialising in Operational Excellence, Supply Chain and Industrial Maintenance. ‘Common Interest Work Group’ (CIWG) events are for technical specialists looking to discuss with peers, specific topics they are working on, in and around their field of excellence. FAQs Who should attend?SIRF Common Interest Work Groups are for anyone interested in the topic of the day. This is a great event for anyone involved in leading change. When do I need to register by?Registrations close 3 working day prior to event date Investment?This event is included in SIRF Roundtable membership Who can I contact for further information? Hannah Watts |  0436 449 713