Public Speaking Workshop & Training (Beat Your Fear!)

Do you have a fear of public speaking? You are not alone! And yes, you can overcome your fear of public speaking! This real-world, highly in-demand soft skills will help you advance your career, acclimate to a new city or even get you a new job!  Join us to practice and get feedback from business leaders.  BENEFITS OF ATTENDING Become a Better Speaker and Listener Develop Effective Leadership Skills Overcome Fear of Public Speaking Give and Get Constructive Feedback Share Your Skills (Retirees Welcome) Quickly Organize Your Thoughts Attend meetings where you will regularly practice skills that make you a more confident speaker and leader. Our well-structured meetings are conducted in a supportive friendly environment that allows you to learn at your own pace while having lots of fun. FIND YOUR VOICE • ANSWER YOUR CALLING • SPEAK & LEAD WITH MORE CONFIDENCE. But that’s not all, improve your communication with family, friends, colleagues, clients and even large audiences.  By joining SpeakNow Toastmasters, you will learn how to formulate, express, and sell your ideas and yourself with poise and conviction. OPEN TO ALL, WALK-INS ARE WELCOME.   This is a place where networking, participation, and engagement is encouraged, but NEVER forced!